Nissan Vent Control Valve Recall Problem: The Symptoms & Causes

The professionals at Nissan do their utmost while manufacturing a vehicle. These cars have always been the first choice of people who admire power and performance in a machine. A Nissan engine comprises numerous parts and components merged together to roar on the roads. Conversely, the company faced some vent problems during its early days as well. The Nissan vent control valve recall was one of the biggest issues that appeared and downgraded the vehicle. Numerous other issues were also there, but the vent valve topped the list constantly.

Let us focus on the vent valve problems and issues in a Nissan automobile.

The Causes & Concerns Of Nissan Vent Control Valve Recall Issue

Manufacturers at Nissan install Evaporative Emission Control (EVAP) system in their cars to tackle the fuel escaping process appropriately. Fuel vapors escape into the atmosphere when valve functioning or EVAP system leaks or fails anytime. Most of the car companies offer this controlling system inside the cars to reduce the fuel wasting process. The vent valve manages the outgoing & incoming flow of air or fuel vapors coming from the charcoal canister. Some car companies call this equipment as Canister Close Valve as well.

Symptoms and Causes of Nissan vent control valve are:

1. EVAP System Leakage

The most common of all issues in a Nissan is the leaking vent valve. Sometimes the valve gets stuck and does not easily close to work properly. This difficulty in working of the equipment grounds Nissan vent control valve recall dilemma and cause leakage. One might have to repair the system as early as possible to avoid the expensive issues that may happen later.

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2. Dirt & Dust In The Valve

Dust and dirt inside any mechanical equipment can cause terrible issues and it is the same in the case of the vent valve. The vent clogs up and does not work properly until the appropriate cleaning of the entire system is not done. The dirt particles inside the vent control valve Nissan cars cause system damage and call for a replacement. Taking maintenance tips from the professionals would assist greatly in making the process smoother.

3. Charcoal Canister Is Not Working

The charcoal canister soaks up the fuel vapors that try to escape from the EVAP system. Some activated carbon particles from the canister complete the job of absorbing the vapors accordingly. The charcoal canister pushes the fuel vapors to the engine when needed. These fuel vapors burn inside the engine to treat your long drives perfectly. A number of issues come into the picture if charcoal canister is not working accurately. Repairing and servicing of the canister at the right time would be a great choice.

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The Crux

All in all, these were some causes and concerns related to Nissan vent control valve recall issue. Treating your Nissan with appropriate servicing and repairs will assist in avoiding all the issues of the EVAP system and vent valve. So, make sure to give your Nissan proper care to roar for long on the roads.