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6 Interesting Facts About Mercedes-Benz

Here, we present 9 most interesting Mercedes Benz facts. The world famous car brand is popular for state-of-the-art design and technology. So let’s have a quick glance at these Mercedes Benz facts.

Fact #1

The worker and inspector ratio in Mercedes-Benz plants is 11:1. So, by the time a car gets final approval, it has received thousands of inspections.

Fact #2

The average number of welding in a Mercedes-Benz body is no less than 10,000. No wonder, owners rarely complain about a Mercedes-Benz rattling or groaning, as it ages up.

Fact #3

The structure of every Mercedes-Benz is based on an independent swing axle suspension system. The manufacturer used the same system on the company’s racing apparatus. This ensures firm roadholding.

Fact #4

Overhead camshafts are another specialty of Mercedes-Benz engines. So, the driver can speed up, without having to compromise safety.

Fact #5

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Disc brakes in all wheels are a standard for all Mercedes-Benz models. Therefore, the front and rear brakes engage separately, reducing any risks of brake failure.


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Fact #6

Tiny built-in shock absorber is available in the steering system for Mercedes-Benz cars. It saves your hand from shocks on the road. Mercedes-Benz apparently cares for the driver as well. Such provisions are what make Mercedes Benz luxury cars the best in the industry.


Bonus Facts

A one of a kind ventilation framework attracts clean air by means of a scoop on the hood, and depletes stale air through conduits at the back of the lodge. You appreciate consistent outside air, even with all windows close, in all cars.

The seats in the Mercedes-Benz autos were planned and molded in discussion .with driving orthopedic doctors. These shaped, immovably upholstered seats wrap you-supporting crucial kidney, back and knee-joint ranges.

Seat springs are really tuned to the auto’s suspension movements, eradicating a large number of modest wiggling developments that can include over long excursions to muscle exhaustion.

The discretionary Daimler-Benz .programmed transmission has four forward velocities. You can work it like a manual move, or as a programmed. Utilizing the pressure driven coupling standard rather than basic torque converters, this transmission slices slippage to nearly nil. Efficiency is for all intents and purposes equivalent to manual gearboxes.

The Mercedes-Benz control controlling utilizations a servo-sponsor that includes guiding help dynamically, as more exertion is required. You never put some distance between the front wheels. There is none of the stunning delicacy and loss’ of street “feel” for which control helped controlling is frequently disparaged.

The immortal body styling of all Mercedes-Benz models requires no yearly changes. To Mercedes-Benz proprietors this implies no disagreeable amazement consistently at ‘new auto time’.


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