Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Registration in the Car

It is common sense not to leave any valuable possessions like mobile phones or laptops out in the open in your car to avoid theft. A much more serious mistake is to leave your registration in the car, which may lead to theft of identity.

Read on to learn the true risk of leaving your paperwork in your car, what else to keep at home and where to keep car registration for your peace of mind. 

Why you shouldn’t leave your registration in the car

Consider what can happen if you leave your car registration and proof of car insurance in your glove box, instead of in your wallet. 

If a thief breaks into your car and obtain these paperwork, they can use them to get your address, then drive to your home and uses the transceiver to get access to the garage and steal whatever valuables they can grab inside. 

car theft
A theft can break into your car and obtain your paperwork. (Photo Source: depositphotos)

If the garage is attached with the rest of your house, the thief can break into your house, especially if the inside door is left unlocked. Therefore, apart from keeping your car registration and proof of car insurance at home or with you, it’s safer to carry the garage door transceiver with you on a key ring.


What else you shouldn’t leave in your car

Car title

In addition, you should leave your vehicle’s title at home, since in case you need to show either registration or proof of insurance, the title serves no purpose. It’s also a hassle to get your title replaced by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

If your title gets stolen, it can be used to make fake titles for selling stolen cars. 

For more lesser known clever tricks to prevent theft and losses, refer to our library of maintenance tips such as the following guides.


leave registration in car theft
Leaving your paperwork in your car will risk identity theft. (Photo Source: alamy)

Car manual

One more thing you might not think of is your vehicle’s manual. The manual includes critical information that can be used to obtain a replacement key from the dealer. Therefore you never know, an accomplished thieves can drive off with your car with this newly cut key or a programmed keyless fob just by obtaining your manual. 

leave your registration in the car
A thief can make a copy key of your car with a manual. (Photo Source: gettyimages)


Any other paperwork

Loss of any paperwork can make you subject to identity theft, including your driver’s license and passport, detailed bills and receipts that have your name, date of birth, home address and email. Crooks can commit many fraudulent and criminal acts in your name, and you might be held legally liable for things you never did.