How To Prevent Keyless Car Theft Like A Boss

Can a car be stolen without keys? Yes! The keyless entry was designed to protect the car from thieves. But, no technology is 100% perfect. The thieves have devised a technique to break into the car without the key fob. In fact, there are a great number of keyless entry car stolen across the world each year. How to prevent keyless car theft? Or, is there any way other than locking your precious car in the garage?

How Does The Keyless Car Fob Work?

The keyless entry vehicles come with a fob or card for unlocking the door. The car can detect a signal emitted from the fob or card from a few feet away and allows you to get inside and start the engine.

Thieves exploit this technology by using a relay amplifier and transmitter. The amplifier does the job of detecting the fob’s signal, amplify it, and sending to the transmitter. The transmitter acts like the key fob upon receiving the signal and tricks the car. Once you unlock the door and kick the car off by using this method, the engine won’t stop when the key is out of range due to safety reasons.

keyless entry cars stolen
Thieves use black-market devices to steal the car


Some Tips On How To Prevent Keyless Car Theft

The way the thieves exploit wireless technology is a weakness in the car security system. However, you can take some measures to stop it. Such ways regarding how to protect keyless entry cars are simple security actions while a few others are advanced steps.

However, before jumping into the security measures, you should always park the vehicle in a well-lit area and keep the key fob away from doors and windows. Also, check frequently for software updates and install them into the car. Doing so coupled with our driving tips will keep the car equipped with the latest security features.

1. Switch Off The Key

Some key fobs have the option to be turned off. You have to look into the owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer to find out the process. It is not a flicking-of-a-switch feature. You may have to press a couple of buttons to make it work.

2. Manual Security Measures

Why not resorting to old-fashioned low-tech devices to make the life of the thieves difficult? Breaching the steering wheel locks and locked gates for the driveways will definitely take more time than tweaking with the key fob signal. Most criminals prefer easier targets, which they can crack quickly.

how to protect keyless entry cars
Manual security measures may help

3. Signal-Blocking Pouch

How to prevent keyless car theft? Well, this is probably the easiest way. Purchase a signal-blocking pouch and keep the fob inside it when not in use. These pouches prevent the relay amplifier to detect the signal. Several companies produce the product but you should purchase from a reputable brand.

4. Use A Tracking Device

Some security companies offer this service. The service provider will fit a tracking device into your car, making it easy to trace its location when it is stolen. A tracking device cannot prevent the stealing of the car but increases manifold the chance of rescuing it.

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