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How To Turn Off Car Alarm Without Remote? Know The Process Here!

Car alarms are the knights in shining armor when any intrusion into your vehicle is detected. It is like a safety alarm that the car generates when a thief tries and barge in your car. Where this is the nicest of inventions, sometimes you feel like breaking the alarm system just because it won’t go off. Another nightmare strikes, when you do not have a remote control. What then? Here are some tips that can help you know how to turn off car alarm without remote control system.

How To Turn Off Car Alarm Without Remote? Tips & Tricks

Turning off the alarm may be sometimes tricky as it would be no less than trying to steal your own car. Car manufacturers try to make the process tricky, yet here are some tips that can help you learn how to disable car alarm without remote.

1. Using The Keys Can Come In Handy

If your alarm remote is lost or fails to work, the best idea is to try and unlock the car manually. This trick may or may not work, but is the first step towards trying to stop that irksome alarm. Insert the keys in the lock on the driver’s side to unlock it. If the door opens and the alarms still fail to go off, try locking and unlocking the keys a couple of times. In case, the driver’s side lock wouldn’t open, try and open the passenger side door. This is the simplest trick when it comes to how to turn off car alarm without remote.

Tricks to know how to turn off car alarm without remote
Tips for how to turn off car alarm without remote

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2. Turn The Ignition “ON”

If you manage to unlock your car with the keys, the next step is to turn on the ignition. It should help in stopping the alarm. Even when that does not help, frequently turn on and turn off the dashboard lights, before you start the engine again. This trick helps most of the times and is capable of restoring your peace of mind. You could also refer to maintenance tips for a complete guide for turning off the alarm.

3. Door Tricks To Save The Hassle

Many of the car alarms work on the principle of door sensors. This further implies that working your way out with the doors can help turn off the alarm. Start with inserting the keys in the driver’s door, and consequently turn it to the right twice followed by turning it to the left twice. Now, put the keys into the ignition and try starting the car. You could also try inserting the key in the driver’s door and hold it there for two seconds before rotating it to open the door.

4. Disengage The Battery

If any of the above listed tricks fail to work, this trick to stop car alarm without key could help you out. For the car alarm needs power from an electronic component, eliminating the battery connections could do the trick. The battery removal should shut off the alarm on the one hand, and should reset it on the other side. All you need to do is to open the hood, locate the battery, and disconnect its negative terminal with a wrench. You can reconnect it once a minute or two has passed.

How to turn off car alarm without remote control system
Ways to know how to turn off car alarm without remote

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Summing Up

These were the simple tricks that answer the how to turn off car alarm without remote. Remember, if nothing seems to work, you could contact a local mechanic for assistance. You could also prefer speaking with an expert over the phone to do away with the problem in the soonest manner possible.

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