How to Disable Anti-Theft System in Car – Less Known Secrets

After you parked the car in the shopping mall basement, the only thought that strikes your mind is ‘if your car is still in the parking spot?’ It is the very reason why automobile manufacturers include an anti-theft system inside the vehicle to keep it safe from theft. These work by an electrical circuit, which disconnects to stop the power from flowing to keep your car from being stolen by an unauthorized individual. However, at times, this system might falter a bit, and the owner might want to know as to how to disable anti-theft system in the car.

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Primarily, you need to understand why your car anti-theft system might be malfunctioning. It can occur due to a dead car battery, which loses its memory key. Even a dead battery in the remote control can lead to a passive anti-theft system disable, thereby leaving your car open to theft and other damage. Another reason can include the immobilizer chip on your key or door is damaged.

In short, if you were wondering about how to disable the car anti-theft system, then you would need to shut down the system for this. We have come up with a systematic guide on how you can disable the car alarm system.

1. Checking The Key And Cylinder

The first step for knowing about how to disable anti-theft system of your vehicle includes checking the key fob battery. A dead battery would cause the anti-theft system to be disabled. You need to make sure that the battery has been installed properly inside the key fob. In addition, make sure to replace the battery on regular intervals to keep the key fob activated.

Facts about How To Disable Anti-theft System.
Key Fob should be changed battery regularly

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2. Check The Car Door Cylinder

The second step in knowing how to disengage anti-theft system on your car includes checking the car door cylinder. In case, your car was damaged during a previous attempt by someone at stealing it, the alarm system may have been disabled. You need to check the lock cylinder or under the door handle where the thieves might have punched with a screwdriver. If the lock is damaged, then try the one on the passenger side.

However, remember that although the drivers’ door lock might be damaged, but it is not necessary that the passenger’s door would also be damaged.

3. Using The Proper Key

Many cars come with a ‘valet’ key or a door key, which performs limited functions such as unlocking the doors. These keys are easily identifiable as they have a “V” on the key shaft, or sometimes differently colored. It might be the case that the key used does not have the chip required to start your car. It is one of the vital tips on how to turn off anti-theft system in your vehicle.

Checking The Car Ignition

In case the anti-theft alarm locks up the car engine, you would not be able to start the vehicle. You would need to bypass anti-theft by following the steps mentioned below.

1. Checking The Anti-Theft Light

The first step to disable the anti-theft alarm system inside your car is to check the anti-theft light, which is located on your car dash, and has a blue or red light. It is an effective maintenance tips to keep your car secure against thieves.

2. Check The Anti-Theft Light

In case the anti-theft light is not blinking anymore, then turn the key back to the OFF position, and allow it to remain so for a minute or two. It will provide the alarm system to rest or you would not be able to start the car.

3. Turning The Car Ignition To The ON Position

We recommend that you insert the key into the car ignition, and turn it to the ON position. It will activate the car accessories but not the engine. Afterwards, leave the key in the same position for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

4. Start The Engine

Now, try to restart the car engine. If it still does not starts, then make sure to check the battery has not drained.

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Steering Wheel Lock may come in handy from time to time

Using The Key In The Car Door

The last method to know on deactivate the anti-theft light is to use the car key. You should use the car key on the driver’s side door and the physical key even if the car is equipped with a keyless entry system.

Lastly, turn the key to unlock the car door, but do not release it. We recommend that you hold the key in the same position for at least 20 to 30 seconds. It will let the car system know that you have the right key, and will bypass the alarm system.

Methods for How To Disable Anti-theft System.
Wheel Lock is a bulky equipment to deploy

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Summing Up

Thus, when you want to know about how to disable anti-theft system in your car, then these guidelines would help you accomplish the task without much hassle.