Three Ways To Hold The Steering Wheel Of Your Car Properly

Holding the car steering wheel is one of the crucial points of enjoying a ride smoothly with safety. It lets you not only control the vehicle properly but also drive the car without any risk of accidents. Thus, there are certain methods of holding the steering wheel, which you can follow.

We will provide you with the three methods of holding the car steering wheel correctly. You can browse online for the best driving tips on driving your car with safety.

The Three Most Important Driving Tips For Holding The Steering Wheel Correctly

One of the crucial precautions to remember while you are enjoying your ride is the way you hold the steering wheel. There are some effective ways to hold the steering wheel correctly to make your drive comfortable. We will share with you the three methods on how to handle the steering wheel for maximum ease while driving.

1. Adjustment

Once seated in the car, adjust the headrest, seat, and mirrors to suit your height. You also need to adjust the steering wheel. Majority of models permit drivers to move the steering wheel column up and down via lever or handle under the steering wheel. A few models also let the driver pull the steering wheels towards them.

You should be able to see both the side and rearview mirror, rotate to check blind spots, and have a comfortable drive.

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Points to know about steering wheel
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2. Nine And Three Method

The next technique for holding the car steering wheel is known as the 9 and 3 methods. You would need to place your left hand on the left portion of the vehicle approximately matching to where number 9 is on a clock. Next, you would need to place your right hand on the right portion of the wheel where number 3 is on the clock. The method has been devised to replace the 2 and 10 methods as it is risky when driving cars with small steering wheels.

The nine and three method has been useful as many drivers have reported being able to drive easily using this method. It keeps both the hands in the proper position, and also allows for push and pull method to work.

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3. Push And Pull Method

While you are driving the car, never take either of your hands off the steering wheel. The push and pull method allows you keep both the hands in contact. In case you want to turn to the right, you would push the steering wheel in a clockwise motion with the left hand and at the same time pull the wheel in a clockwise motion with the right hand. Do not turn the steering wheel with only the palm of one hand or with the thumb.

The proper placement of your hands on the steering wheel is important to driving your vehicle safely. Always remember to place your hands in nine and three positions at all times while driving the vehicle. Do not drive with only one hand, fingertips, or knees. While turning to the left or right, always use the push and pull method to make sure the steering wheel does not slip from hands.

Certain things about steering wheel
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Summing Up

These driving tips will not only help you control the steering wheel correctly but also drive the vehicle safely.