Are There Racing Steering Wheels With Airbags? Know Here!

When it comes to safety, airbags have always been a helpful invention. It is that restraint system that provides the much-needed cushion to the car passenger when met with an accident. Owing to the fatalities pertaining to racing cars, the addition of airbags seems more than important. The question is whether racing steering wheels with airbag exist? Let’s find out.

Do Racing Steering Wheels With Airbag Exist?

In common car designs, the airbags are generally attached to the steering wheels. Not all cars are the same! For instance, the modifications and customizations in a racing car are such that are unique and confined to its arena. Most people get confused whether there are airbags attached to the steering wheels or not. So, do rally cars have airbags? Read on, to know more.

1. Racing Cars And Airbags

Unlike the traditional cars, racing cars do not have airbags! This may come as a surprise to you, but that is the truth. In racing cars, there is already 5 Point, 6 Point, or in some cases even 7 Point seatbelts that help restrict driver’s haywire motion in case of an accident. This multi-point seatbelt system does the job of airbags, thus eliminating the need for adding them in the first place.

One should also know that race car is built in a way that it absorbs crash energy effectively, without putting much harm to the passengers. This, in turn, does not call for the need to add racing steering wheels with airbag that tend to add more weight to the car.

All about racing steering wheels with airbag
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2. Airbags In Racing Cars Are Dangerous

Now that you are clear as to why don’t rally cars have airbags, it is important to know another factor associated with it. In racing cars, the speed is beyond the normal speed levels, and these speeds do not go well with airbags popping up. The functioning of airbags is pretty normal, but only till a particular threshold speed.

Once the threshold value exceeds, the airbags fail to show effectiveness or timing accuracy. In simple terms, by the time a crash would occur in a racing car, the airbag would still be in the detonating phase. There is no benefit of something that does not come into use when required. You could also refer to maintenance tips for more information on car safety features; you ought to know.

3. Better Alternative To Airbags

Racing cars are specialized motor vehicles that demand expert drivers to showcase the speed battles down the lanes. By now it is clear that airbags are not present in racing cars. Then what protects the race cars and the race car drivers in case of a crash?

It is the multi-point seatbelt system, helmet, roll cage, fire suit, HANS (Head and Neck Support Device), or even the halon fire system that together hinder great damage in case of a crash. When there are already so much of equipment, and systems to help deal with the consequences of an accident, what is the need for airbags? If airbags are added, it would only slow down the car due to the addition of extra weight.

Racing steering wheels with airbag in your car
Do racing steering wheels with airbag exist? Source: Simpson

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Wrapping Up

Safety is essential but when there is an alternative to airbags, no need to add them! That is why racing steering wheels with airbag do not make sense. The next time someone counterparts you by telling racing cars have airbags, you know how to answer!