Why are Steering Wheels Circular? The Mystery Unsolved!

Every driver has an up-close-and-personal relationship with the steering wheel to control the vehicle properly. But have you ever wondered that why are steering wheels circular? There could be any shape of the steering wheel such as triangular or square, but why the makers chose the circular shape? Is there any scientific or mechanical reason behind it? Well, you will find the answer to this mystery right here right now.

So let’s get started!

Wondering why are Steering Wheels Circular?

The steering wheel is the reason why your car is running correctly. A comfortable, easy to handle and better grip steering allow a safe driving. The shape has everything to do with the driving. So explore below section to know why the steering wheel is the way it is.

1. Basic Principle

The biggest reason for the round shape of the steering wheel is- the UI principle. The very first steering wheel was a lever-shaped (just like the manual transmission) controller. The side-to-side movement moves the wheel. The lever-like steering was a lack of meticulousness but easy to use. Moreover, the steering used to stick at times. Besides, these steering wheels were not ideal for parking. Only the round or circular steering can achieve the perfect parking goals. However, you might have noticed that many of the car racers don’t have a round steering as they don’t require to park the car usually. The purpose differs in the shape of the steering wheel. In addition, the round steering is cheaper than any other shape. So this is why are steering wheels circular.

Why are steering wheels circular in shape
Why are steering wheels circular in your vehicle (Photo Source: mzwmotor)

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2. Steering Shaft

Apart from the fact that round steering is comfortable and cheap, almost every steering has a rotating shaft, which is responsible for its movement. The circular steering provides an ideal and equivalent grip to the shaft at every angle. To run the vehicle on curves, or to take a U-Turn, circular steering is perfect, as it will allow you to rotate the wheels as much as you want. Also, the arm movements are effortless and contented with the round shape. So this is another big reason that why the steering wheel has to be in a circular shape.

3. Better Symmetry

Another reason for the steering wheel to be in a circular shape is the symmetry. The self-weight remains unaffected regardless of the duration for which the steering rests. If there has been any other shape of the steering, the symmetry must have been violated. This is because the steering would lie in a vertical line, which would result in difficult handling steering. The uniformity offered by circular steering wheel lead to the complete control of the vehicle. Moreover, the circular steering wheel offers you the easy implementation of maintenance tips so that you can manage to handle the unexpected issues too.

Explore why are steering wheels circular
The mystery behind why are steering wheels circular (Photo Source: carthrottle)

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Final Words

Now you find the answer to your question- why are steering wheels circular! Availability of various designs and models allow you to pick the one that offers great clench and placate.