5 Bad Habits Women Should Give up to Ensure Driving Safety

There’s a popular perception that women drivers don’t fare well on the road as their male counterparts. Well, driving is a skill that does not depend on your gender. But, women, in general, practice some driving habits that seem irritating or confounding to other drivers. Learn those bad habits women should give up so you don’t repeat them and ensure the road safety.

Bad Habits Women Should Give up While Driving

Remember that having some poor habits does not mean that you are an amateurish driver. Many experienced drivers get into commissions or slapped with traffic violations because of their quirky behaviors. Find out what they are and how can you avoid them:

Applying make-up at traffic lights

It will make sense to many women since the few minutes at lights seem to be the only solution for a light makeup session. Well, we know that you’re busy and you have to look perfect in the next meetings, but driving is something that requires your full concentration.

bad driving habits
Use a parking lot for applying makeups, not the traffic lights. (photo source: Shutterstock)

You can spend a couple of minutes at the parking or take a quick toilet stop before an appointment to apply your lipstick or fix the mascara.

Doing something else while driving

Not only women but also many people, especially the teen drivers, usually text or keep the earbuds in while driving. The truth is even a slight distraction can lead to dangerous accidents. If you have to text, park somewhere, and listen through the car’s speakers instead of using earbuds. If you must take an important call, either park the vehicle or use a Bluetooth headset caller.

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Driving while feeling tired or sleepy

It’s one of the bad habits women should give up immediately. While it’s understandable because working women have more responsibilities than working men. They may have to wake up early in the morning to prepare the kids for the school and to cook the meal after getting home. However, it’s necessary to find a work-life balance so that you can stay steady behind the wheel.

Sitting in a bad posture

Many people don’t know how to position themselves behind the wheel to get the maximum control of the vehicle. Stop slouching while driving or resting the arm on the window sill because these don’t give you the ideal body position to react quickly at the time of hazards.

Bad habits women should give up
Incorrect sitting position can be dangerous. (photo source: Shutterstock)

The incorrect hand position on the steering wheel and driving with the wrong type of footwear such as platform shoes or flip-flops could also be the reason of possible hazards.

Being completely ignorant about the car mechanism

Many (not all) women are clueless about the engine mechanism or other parts of the car. You should be familiar with the basic vehicle problems and check the engine and the levels of water and oil regularly for better maintenance. If you keep ignoring the problems like noise and vibrations while drive, the car may end up with a major problem.