Top 10 Tips for Traveling With Pets in Cars

For pet lovers, travelling around by car would not be fun without the four legged friends. But carrying a furry friend is not a simple deal if you do not know these top 10 tips for traveling with pets in the car. Scroll down to find out how to travel without stress and both for you and for your animals. Well preparation will help a lot in ensuring your pet safety and your comfort.  

Top 10 Useful Tips For Traveling With Pets In The Car

1. Keep your pet in a secure container 

The first tips in traveling with pets in the car is keeping your pet in a secure container. A container or a well-ventilated crate or carrier will help your pet be safe since they can not use a seat belt. There are many types of carrier with a variety of sizes, such as  wire mesh, hard plastic and soft-sided…. What you need to remember is choosing a suitable container for your furry friend. It must be big enough for your pet to stand, sit, lay down and turn around in. A tip here is you can let your pet in the carrier at home sometime before taking them on the car. They will feel familiar to the container.

traveling with pets
A container or a well-ventilated crate or carrier will help your pet be safe. Source: Aspca

2. An essential package for your pet

Just like humans, your small friend needs things sometimes too. That is why you should prepare some stuff which your pet requires such as a collar and/or harness, leash, clean-up materials, and a copy of vaccinations. You also need to bring your pet’s toys and blanket. They are really helpful when your pet feels sleepy or bored. 

One more thing, do not forget to bring food and drinks for your friends. Many owners consider how a change of food can wreak havoc on a pet’s diet, but different water sources can also cause tummy upsets or worse. Your pet may already be under stress from a long ride, so you’ll want to minimize as many changes as possible for its general well being.

Watch the video below to see how to pack for a road trip with dog!

3. Feed your furry friend a light meal before departure

Another tip which belongs to top 10 tips for traveling with pets in the car is feeding your pet by a lighted meal. For sure you do not want your pet to feel hungry on the way traveling, it will be really annoying if he or she barks. You cannot focus on driving. Moreover, feeding your pet food on the car is difficult too since it is hard to keep the food stable on the carrier or your pet may drop the food on your car. Give your pet a little to eat beforehand, but refrain from providing any meals until you stop for an extended duration or reach your final destination. Of course, water should be provided throughout the trip.

feeding pet before departure
Give your pet a little to eat beforehand, but refrain from providing any meals until you stop. Source: Shutterstock

4. Do not leave your pet in locked vehicle

On the way, you may want to stretch your legs or stop to eat something, remember to not abandon your pet in the process. Firstly, they will feel stressed for staying alone. Secondly, it’s possible for pets to overheat or freeze. Someone said the temperature inside the car is moderated and the vehicle is well ventilated. But you still should not leave them inside. Noone can be sure about the thing happen in the future, so that, to make sure your pet is safe, take him along with you.

5. Make sure your pet has a microchip for identification

A microchip for identification is a needed thing that you should not forget on the trip. Your pet also needs a copy of vaccinations and the pet passport as some states require this proof at certain interstate crossings. A collar with a tag imprinted with your home address, as well as a temporary travel tag with your cell phone, destination phone number and any other relevant contact information.

pets traveling
A microchip for identification is a needed thing that you should not forget on the trip

6. Do not let your pet stick its head outside the window

As you know there are many accidents that happen to dogs when the owner is driving and the dog’s head is outside of the window. Of course you will be happy if your dog enjoys its own time by looking outside. But it is really dangerous that flying objects can injure them. It is better for them to keep them in the back seat in his crate or with a harness attached to the seat buckle.

tips for traveling with pet in the car
It is really dangerous that flying objects can injure your pets. Source: PetMD

7. Take regular rest stops

That is one of the important tips that you should keep in my mind when traveling with pets in the car. Your pet, especially dogs, usually is really active, keeping them inside the carrier will make them bored. Moreover, they need a bathroom just like us, and it may be more difficult for them to give the signal to you that they need a bathroom inside the container. Therefore, stop every 2 hours to allow your pet  to relieve itself and stretch.

8. When it comes to H2O, say BYO

You will find that it is convenient for you to let your pet drink water from the sink or public faucet can damage your pet digestive system, or tummy upset him/her. You can take the water which he/her usually drinks from home, store inside a bottle and give it to your pet when he needs it. Remember to give your pet water when they need it or every 2-3 hours.


9. Do not let other upset your pet

When traveling with pets in the car, you should keep your dog as happy as her or him at home. Your pet, like at home, has playing time and free time, and traveling time does not mean playing time in total. Considering travel time equals play time will only make the trip harder on all of you, setting the wrong expectation that the car is a place for your pet to play. Therefore if you have other human travel companions, talk to them before leaving with your pet. You can instruct them to leave your pet alone in the car.

10. Be prepared for arrival at your final destination

Make sure that you already check the rule and law with the owner of the destination related to pets since some places do not accept animals in their house. Checking before traveling will reduce the risk to your pets health and also to your wallet. You may have to pay an extra fee for your pet but i’m sure that having your pets beside you during travelling is the best moment ever in your life.


Those top 10 tips for traveling with pets in the car give you a view of having your pet on the way to destinations and also in the destination. Keep in mind that your pet may feel uncomfortable even if you are well prepared. It is normal to see and can not be avoided. But remember these tips to minimize unwanted things which may happen to your pet. Check out our blog to see more useful driving tips.