How Low Tire Pressure Effects on Your Vehicle

Tires are an important part of the car, for on it rests the entire weight of your car. Even small things like the air temperature outside can affect the pressure in the tires. It is, therefore, important to keep a check on tire temperature because low tire pressure effects are going to cause a lot of trouble for your car. If you are constantly running on tires with lower air pressure than requisite, it may not only cost you more than usual but also prove dangerous for you.

Top 5 Low Tire Pressure Effects on Your Vehicle

There can be a lot of ill-effects of not keeping adequate tire pressure.

1. Decreased Mileage

It is astonishing that most drivers keep only 80% of the requisite air pressure in their tires. And these drivers will be astonished to know that it is one of the biggest reasons for low mileage. Even f the pressure in your tires is low by as little as 6 PSI, your car’s mileage could go down by as much as 5%.

The requisite tire pressure will only have positive effects on your car’s performance, its handling, as well as mileage.

2. Increased Fume Emissions

Now, this is a consequence of the first ill-effect. Low tire pressure effects also include higher fume emissions because of the decrease fuel economy. Not only do you have to refuel more often, but also do underinflated tires consume more energy to keep the vehicle in full motion. This is what caused increased emissions.

With lowered fuel economy obviously comes more emissions, as you’ll end up having to fill up more often with your gas mileage decreased. Also, since under inflated tires take more energy to get the car in full motion, more exhaust fumes are created in the process.

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3. Shorter Tread Life

Yes, shorter tread life is one of the low tire pressure symptoms. Inadequate pressure in the tires can lead to as much as 25% decrease in the tread life. You will have to replace them more often because it is unsafe to use tires beyond a minimum tread block. Here is how to check if it is time to change your tire.

4. More Chances of Tire Failure

Tire failure is one of the biggest dangers of low tire pressure. When the surface of the tire contacts the road more than it should, the friction increases. Friction caused additional heat, which can further cause the tire to blow up or the tread to separate. The obvious result is accident.


5. Increased Stopping Time

Increased stopping time is also low tire pressure effects. It can delay the time in which the vehicle comes to a halt when you apply the brakes. It is further delayed if the road is wet. In fact, experts suggest that it is underinflated tires that cause most SUV rollovers.

Results of low tire pressure effects
Learn about low tire pressure effects (photo source: Amazon)

Less than adequate pressure in the tires can be the root cause of so many disadvantages for any vehicle, even if it is a bicycle. Luckily, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to remedy low air pressure. Simply follow some basic maintenance tips and keep a check on it and save yourself from becoming a victim of low tire pressure effects.

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This video below can give you a specific examples of how low tire pressure effects on our vehicles!