How To Get Your Car Towed: What You Need To Know!

Almost each one of us has been in a situation where our cars were towed. There could be several reasons why that happened. First, you were parking in an illegal place. It could be in front of handicapped parking areas, fire hydrants, and even ambulance parking zones. Another reason for a towed car could be a disabled vehicle. That means police found your vehicle not in a very safe driving condition, hence towed. Or, maybe your license was expired! There are a few reasons why the police would do that. But, one reason why you would do that yourself is when it is broken down. So, for that, you must know how to get a car towed aptly, stress-free.

Here are the instructions for getting your vehicle towed if it is your untoward first time.

How to Get a Car Towed: The Step-by-Step Guide

Safety is the Priority

How to get a car towed? Well, you didn’t expect it to break down at the place where it has, right? In that case, when you are in the middle of nowhere, the priority should be safety and nothing else. Get inside the car and put it to neutral. Push it somewhere to the side of the road, so that it doesn’t hurt others on the way. Stay put if you feel it is too dangerous even to get out of your vehicle. Use some signs to alert the oncoming traffic about the danger. Forget repairing yourself even if you have the best driving tips on your fingertips. Remember, it can be dangerous for you, other people, and your vehicle.

Be Ready with your Paperwork

Calling towing professionals? Wait, you need all your paperwork right by your side when you do so. From insurance cards, driver’s license to registration, everything needs to be right there in front of you. You can’t stand blank without any papers when they reach. In case you don’t have any paperwork ready, they might not even believe it is your car. So, be prepared when calling them to tow your car.

How to get a car towed
Don’t stand clueless without papers at one place. (Photo Source: txautonet)


Calling Time- Know Whom to Call

It is easy! Just dial the number and explain your situation, and they will be there. But, what is not easy is to choose the right person to do so. Calling who might take some deliberation, and that’s when you need to prepare yourself.

Call the automaker if your vehicle is still under warranty. Go for auto insurance professionals, if that covers some towing assistance or roadside help in such situations.

In short, you will have to decide and spend some time on research to ensure you are calling the right person for towing your car. The answer to, ‘How to get a vehicle towed, is almost over, just a few more steps left.

Wait, Don’t Panic

In such times, it is easy to get irritated and panic, but the key to a successful towing is patience and waiting. The person you have called may take time to reach your place. What will you do until the time he reaches? Well, you can stay calm, and wait, as there is nothing you can do then (especially wondering what happened with your vehicle).

Listen to some songs to calm your mind. Waiting can be frustrating and tiring, so it is advised to speak to someone you know over the phone or listen to some soothing music.

Lastly, Get your Car Towed

When the help arrives, let them know about the entire situation. Do the necessary paperwork that might include identification checks and some other service agreements. After that, you will receive some instructions from them before finally chaining up your vehicle to their truck. They will guide you about the steps you need to follow thereafter. Just make sure the car is in neutral when you get it towed.

How to get a car towed
Professionals might give you some instructions on towing a vehicle. (Photo Source: fandom)

Listen to the entire procedure carefully to ensure the steps followed further works. This step is essential as they are going to tell you some important things, which might help you later in life as well.

Next, they will drive you to the service garage along with your car, and get it fixed within the mentioned time. They will be there to help you during this entire time.

What Have We Learned?

Well, we have learned that anyone can get stuck in a situation where they have to get their car towed. So, rather than panicking and wondering ‘how to get a car towed,’ follow these simple steps and make this procedure easy for you. When stuck in such a situation, calm yourself down first. Be safe, have your paperwork ready, do some research, call the right person, and there you have your car towed like a pro.

Wish you all the best for towing your car.