The Safe Way to Drive Manual Car Uphill without Rolling Back

It’s a tough job to drive manual car uphill without rolling back. Driving your car up a hill is a hard skill to master. Even the experienced drivers face one or two hiccups sometimes. The gravity works against you when you are on a hill. However, you can prevent the rolling by applying the right tricks and with some practice.

How to Drive Manual Car Uphill without Rolling Back?

There’s a reason why your car rolls backward when you try to drive it up to the hill from a stop. It happens when you release the handbrake before finding the bite point. Many people wrongly assume that the gas pedal is the only component that moves a vehicle up the hill. In fact, it’s a joint venture of the gas pedal and the clutch. You have to set the pedal somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 revs and find a bite point to drive manual car uphill without rolling back.

Now, let’s see the ways of preventing rolling with a manual transmission:

Stop completely

Imagine a situation when you are driving your car up a hill and has to stop at a traffic light just before the intersection at the top of the incline. You have to stop and you have to stop completely by using the handbrake or the brake pedal. Using the handbrake will give the edge of freeing up the right foot and use it again on the pedal at the time of starting the car again.

Preventing Rolling with a Manual Transmission
Move it to the first gear.

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Shift the gear

When the light turns green, shift into the first gear. Start pressing on the accelerator pedal at the same time but don’t release the handbrake. Keep the pressure until the engine revs at nearly 3,000 RPM.

Release the clutch

You have to do it slowly so that you can detect when it starts to bite. It’s easy to spot since the nose of the car dips a bit and the engine note declines slightly. It happens because the clutch takes on the vehicle’s weight.

Let go of the handbrake

This is the time to release the handbrake slowly as you continuously release the clutch and press the accelerator. The vehicle will move forward when the handbrake disengages.

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Disengage the clutch

When the engine sound starts to fade, release the clutch at a slow rate and apply more and more throttle simultaneously. It will set your car up the hill at the full force without rolling backward.

drive manual car uphill without rolling back
You have to release the clutch slowly. (photo source: Christian Wardlaw)

What to Do If There’s No Handbrake?

If the handbrake is dead, hold the brake pedal by using the heel of the right foot. It will let you use the toes to keep pressing the accelerator. You will have to slowly set the pedal loose, just like you would have to release the handbrake at the time of disengaging the clutch.

The safer option to drive manual car uphill without rolling back is to use the handbrake. Without it, it’s difficult to juggle between three pedals with two legs. Pressing the wrong pedal or missing one at any point may cause an accident.