7 Tips FOR Using Mirrors While Driving To Keep You Safe

In today’s era, mirror plays a critical role in the safe driving by a vehicle. Therefore, on seeing its importance, many car firms have integrated the mirror as an electronic component in the car. However, there are still ample of vehicles in the market, which requires manual adjustment of it. To add on to the safety of your vehicle, let us learn certain vital tips for using mirrors while driving.

Type of Mirrors in a Car

People daily commute to their places safely without being aware of the type of mirrors, they are using while driving. These different types of mirrors are side-view, rear-view, and the mirror in headlights of a car.

1. Headlight Mirror

This concave mirror covering the headlights is widely used during the night or, extreme weather conditions like on a foggy or rainy day. With its property of light divergence, it allows the driver to get the maximum visibility of the area in front.

2. Side View Mirror

Mounted on both the front car doors, these reflectors use the convex lens to minimize the size of the objects. In fact, these convex mirrors have the attribute to show large area by making the size of objects small. Thus, the surrounding objects appear to be smaller and farther than they actually are.

It assists by providing the side and far behind view of the vehicle. Moreover, the person gets the peripheral vision of the objects from the driver’s seat. That is why for safety reasons it is always mentioned on the mirror “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.

3. Rear View Mirror

Attached inside the car, this concave mirror is attached to the windshield. It’s mainly responsible for showing the immediate back view of the vehicle.

Tips for Using mirrors while driving is useful
Using mirrors while driving prevents you from accidents (photo source: Winding Road Magazine)

Essential Tips for Using Mirrors While Driving 

Accessing mirrors in the car can prevent hundreds of accidents occurring on roads daily. So, for a safe journey, always adhere to the following tips of using mirrors while driving in the car.

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1. Moving from a Stationary State

An appropriate and safe observation before driving off really helps a lot in controlling the car. Moreover, the accuracy saves the vehicle from any severe damage or, a slight bend. Therefore, before moving, one must always check the view in right door mirror, followed by the rear reflector. Then, look for the right blind spot area, and next, again in the right mirror. If everything is clear, then drive away the car.

2. Speed Adjustment

Before accelerating the speed of the vehicle, it is wise to check the side mirrors as there may be another vehicle trying to overtake you. Similarly, while slowing down the car, always confirm the speed of behind vehicle from the rear-view mirror. Otherwise, due to this minor negligence, the vehicle behind your car won’t get the time to react.

3. Direction Change or, Overtaking

Mirrors need to be checked before changing the lane or, trying to overtake the vehicle. In such cases, the blind spot and the appropriate reflectors must be accessed first, in order to ensure that there is no vehicle on the side.

4. Giving Signals

Majorly confusion or, accidents occur when before signaling, the mirrors are not checked for the upcoming vehicle. Hence, it is equally important to check the side mirrors and make your decision accordingly for a turn.

5. Opening Car Doors

It might not sound important but assess the side and rear view mirror in the congested area. As it not only prevents the vehicle from any damage but also the person who may be coming by any vehicle or on foot from behind.

6. Safe Distance from another Vehicle

Safety experts usually recommend checking the side mirrors while driving. The essential thing to look while driving a car is the distance of your vehicle from the others. So, those who wish for a safe and enjoyable ride must maintain a proper distance by using mirrors while driving.

7. Driving with Trailer

Always watch the mirror, while pulling the trailer. Checking the rear and both the side view mirror is essential in this case, to avoid the hitting of the trailer’s wheel with another vehicle.

Results by using mirrors while driving
Using mirrors while driving the car (photo source: Shutterstock)

Now, after knowing the driving tips and the necessity of mirrors in the vehicle, you must also ensure its proper adjustment, in order to make efficient use of it.