Why Car Loses Power While Driving? Causes That You Must Know!

Sometimes when you accelerate, your car loses power while driving. Usually, the first cause that strikes our head is inefficient fuel. While this can be one reason, there are numerous other factors as well that cause this problem.

Sometimes the cause behind this problem can be different for diesel and petrol engines although there are many similarities between the two.

Car Loses Power While Driving: The Reasons

There can be numerous offenders slowing down your journey. Here are some of the major causes:

1. Dilapidated Spark Plugs

The combustion of the engine relies on the spark plugs of the vehicle. Their work is to transmit the electrical signal from the ignition coil to the combustion chamber. Once this happens, the spark plugs ignite the mixture of fuel and air. 

With faulty spark plugs, the electrical signal does not reach the engine properly. Thus, your car may not be able to accelerate as desired.

2. Level of Compression

The internal combustion of the vehicle is responsible to generate power to accelerate with the help of cylinder compression. Therefore, if there is a low level of compression, it will generate insufficient power causing a problem when accelerating. 

Low compression is also the major cause of improper ignition in the engine.

3. Defective Fuel Pump

car losing power
Defective Fuel Pump is one of the reasons for car loss of power while driving. (Photo: ScannerDanner)

If the car has no power when accelerating, it means there is some defect in the fuel pump. A fuel pump supplies fuel in the gas tank for the engine for combustion. 

Further, it also accommodates the engine’s needs by regulating the pressure of the fuel. In case, it has a defect, the acceleration results in poor functioning, and hence, the car may not start.


4. Damaged Air Filter

Sometimes, your car loses power while driving due to a damaged air filter. The car’s combustion uses gasoline and air to produce power, where air first goes into the air filter. 

The filter keeps all the bugs and debris out from entering the chamber. If you have a bad filter, your car will certainly have a problem driving smoothly.

5. Clogged Exhaust Pipe

car lost all power while driving
Car loses power while driving because of clogged exhaust pipe (Photo: Ponomarencko)

An exhaust pipe comprises two filters – the muffler and the catalyst. The role of the catalyst is to reduce the pollution emitted from the fumes, while the muffler reduces the noise pollution. 

Both have their importance. If either of the pipes has something clogged inside, then the engine will certainly impair and reduce the power it generates.

6. Damaged Ignition Coil

The ignition system has coils that convert power from the battery to ignite the engine. With a damaged ignition coil, the mixture of fuel and air would be inappropriate. Thus, a faulty ignition coil will not produce ignition properly.

Solutions for Car Loses Power While Driving

1. Find a safe parking

When you find a broken vehicle, you should calmly try to get the vehicle to the roadside before it stops completely or drive the car to the nearest lane.

The driver immediately needs to turn on a hazard warning light to warn other drivers, avoiding collisions if others are not paying attention.

2. Identify problems that are occurring

The next thing to do is to quickly identify the underlying causes that cause your car to stop abruptly, but not everyone has the ability to do so. 

Take a look at some simple mistakes like tires, oil systems, cooling water, batteries, etc.

loss of engine power
Identify problems that are occurring if your vehicle sudden loss of power while driving. (Photo: Car Throttle)

 3. Call for help

Look around for help from roadside people, ask about the reputable repair shops near you or the tools that can help you fix the problem. Or call a family member who is knowledgeable about vehicles and machinery for advice on what to do next.

4. Contact a car salvage service

If you are a mobile person and are afraid of having problems on the road, sign up for a car salvage service. 

You just need to call the lifesaver and present the problem you are facing, you will receive the appropriate support package and if the car is damaged you can not repair it immediately.

5. Be prepared for bad situations

car losing power while driving
Be prepared for any bad situations when your car losing power while driving. (Photo: Pixabay)

In any case, you should always carry “simple” but very useful “tools”, including basic repairs, filling the tank, and carrying the car for inspection.

One of the biggest worries that can be made about the “old man” is that the car is “lined up” because of internal problems related to the engine. There are subjective causes and also objective causes.

Frequently Situations Encountered Of Car Loses Power While Driving

So before going to the end of this article, we will show you some frequently asked questions that you may often encounter, with specific situations with specific explanations for each. It may help you to have safe driving!

  1. Vehicle is dead due to a broken CDI ignition

>> Fix: Replace the new one. There should be a backup CDI cluster in your car. To avoid being replaced, you should ask the wireman to hide the CDI cluster at a different location in the car, which is harder to steal.

  1. Car suddenly died because the spark plug gap was too large

>> Fix: Remove the spark plug and lightly tap on the curved electrodes to narrow the distance between the two electrodes, about half the cup is medium, the distance should not be too close together, too close together is not good.

sudden loss of power while driving
Car suddenly died because the spark plug gap was too large. (Photo: RepairSmith)
  1. Too old spark plugs can cause a shutdown

>> Fix: Change spark plugs after every 15,000 km, although it feels good at running.

  1. The spark plug (ignition wire) can not be ignited so the car shut down

>> Fix: Plugged in again. You should know, few people appreciate the importance of spark plugs.

The resistance of the material to make the spark plug is very high, and the level of purity is also very special. The car that runs in the rain and dies is due in this detail.

  1. The valve is blocked by the compressor

Here’s one of the most common expressions you often encounter when a car loses power while driving. You often deal with this situation when running at an unusually high speed. 

The soot in the combustion chamber fell into the mouth of the valve so it could not be closed, and the machine died suddenly.

>> Test method: You remove the spark plug, switch off the machine to avoid electric shock, and use finger-clamped spark plug holes in the machine several times, if the pressure is very weak is the correct disease.

>> Fix: Remove the spark plug and try to pour into the spark plug hole a few ccs, plug the same spark plug, and the engine, it will explode immediately because the oil will throw out obstructions.

my car lost power while driving
The valve can be blocked by the compressor when running at an unusually high speed. (Photo: Cars & Wrenches)
  1. Gasoline is stuck due to water in the gasoline or because of the dirtiness of the car

>> Phenomenon: Car jerked at a time to die.

>> Temporary remedy: Take the gasoline out, remember the direction, and use the mouth in the opposite direction to clear. Go home, and remember to change your gasoline.

  1. The fuel tank and duct are blocked

>> The same phenomenon as above, and when you remove the gas comb, no gas is released.

>> Fix: You get to the wheel by using compressed air from the tube to the gas tank, which can also be blown by mouth. 

No need to remove the gas tank, you use a straw to draw gas from the container to another to the lower position outside. While the gasoline is flowing, pull the tube through the bottom of the bin so that the residue is drawn away. 

Then you filter petrol with a cloth before re-adding it to the tank. In the duct, you use the meter speedometer wire to enter, swivel as indentation, and the gasoline will pass.

  1. The vent hole on the gas cap is clogged

>> How to overcome: Twist the lid of the gas tank, using a needle pointed hole. Note, there are holes on the top, the bottom hole type, the hole is usually clogged.

Check out the below video from Men and Motors to get further information on the reasons why your car loses power while driving and stalls.

Final Words

By gathering some maintenance tips and doing timely diagnostics for your car, you can easily take care of your prized possession. Although sometimes the car loses power while driving, there is nothing to worry about too much. 

Automotive experts can easily handle every kind of small or big car problem. In fact, with proper car service and maintenance, your car will not experience any such problems.

Have a safe driving!