What’s The Cheapest Way to Tow a Car

Towing a car is not an easy deal, sometimes you have to play well, just like an expert to get things done. There could possibly be a few reasons why a car is towed. First, you have parked it on an illegal spot, for which the police is towing your vehicle. Another reason could be you are not a licensed driver, and that usually is a concern for them. No matter the type of mistake you have made, there will be time in your life when you will have to get your car towed. And that’s the time when you will look for the cheapest way to tow a car.

So, why not prepare for that in advance right here.

Cheapest Ways to Tow a Car – Different Methods to Follow

Well, there are different methods to follow when it comes to selecting the cheapest way to tow a car. And, here are a few of them. Remember, all of it are the cheapest options available to tow a car. Besides, you must always keep some maintenance tips handy; to make any necessary repairs or handle the issue until the help arrives.

The Long Distance Trailer    

One of the low-cost options for towing a vehicle is two wheels up tow. The purpose of this tow is to lift the front two wheels of the vehicle and tow it. They use tow hitch to attach the vehicle so that it can reach the garage safely. In some cases, the tow hitch is not available with the towing company. In that case, you can buy one for your vehicle and get your vehicle attached to the towing vehicle. Or else, you can rent one. This one is the cheapest way to tow a car in long distance.

Different methods are available to tow the vehicle.
One can lift the front two wheels of the vehicle and tow it. (Photo Source: carstuff)


Dinghy Towing

A long-distance towing option that you can opt for to tow your vehicle. People also know it by name dinghy towing. The procedure is cheap and much chosen because it only involves low price and equipment to get things done. All the towing professionals need is a towing bar that will eventually connect to the vehicle undercarriage, allowing the car to keep in line using the front wheels. It even lets you connect to the tow hitch to take the car for towing.

Emergency Tow

Almost any auto supply would help you in getting an emergency tow strap. Professionals advice it to have this emergency tow strap in your car, before such cases of emergency occurs. Now, why should you be keeping this in your vehicle? Well, the fact that the material used to make it is strong nylon is why you should prefer it for the emergency tow. The steel hooks at every end make it tough to carry your vehicles to the garage for repairs.

Cheapest way to tow a car
Nylon is used to make emergency tow straps. (Photo Source: depositphotos)

What Have we Learned?

Well, we have learned that there are different types of emergencies, and every driver must know about it. In case of such emergencies, you must have basic knowledge of what should be done and what shouldn’t. We hope that this information helps you in understanding the cheapest way to tow a car.