What Are Some Car Functions That Many Drivers Use Incorrectly?

A car purchase is the second biggest financial decision in one’s life. That is why people consider many things before committing to a contract.  Over the years, cars have evolved so much that many features are introduced every year. So, what are some car functions that many people use incorrectly? Buckle up!

Common Car Functions You’re Using Wrong

For a car owner, a car is the most loved possessions. Though people drive cars every day, there some functions that are overlooked most of the time.  Here are car functions you didn’t know you were using wrong all the time.

Fuel Pump Symbol

Fueling our own car is not confusing because we know where the fuel cap is. Isn’t it? However, when it comes to driving someone else’s car, we sometimes get confused as to which side of the fuel pump to approach.

In order to know the side of the fuel cap, look at the little arrow near the fuel pump symbol pointing to the fuel cap side. Also, according to professional driving tips, even if the fuel is indicating E, there is still a small reserve for fuel in the car.

car dashboard
Arrow near the fuel pump symbol easily locate car fuel tank (Photo Source: eurocarparts)


Rear View Mirror

Car owners often struggle with setting rearview mirror correctly. It happens, especially with no auto-dimming mirror function. The trick is to push the small tab in the middle to forward.

This way you will quickly adjust the position of the mirror. The function has been around for years, but it is still among the most overlooked functions on vehicles.  Consider setting the rearview mirror during the day.

Low Beam and High Beam Switch

Vision and visibility have a direct impact on driving accuracy.  For safe driving, it is imperative to know when to use low beam and high beam.  Almost everyone is aware of the use of high and low beam buttons. However, not all know about the three functions of the switch. Momentary or light horn function helps turn on the high beam and return to low beam automatically when releasing the lever.  There is no need to switch on the headlights to work this function.

Unlocking the Car with Remote

Care remote allows you to unlock a car without using the key. It has surely made the process of locking and unlocking cars hassle-free. Many times, it has been witnessed that a lot of car owners point the remote at the car for locking and unlocking. It is not an effective way because we can do it from a distance without even looking at the vehicle or pointing the remote.

Using Fog Lights When It isn’t foggy

Fog lights are meant to be used when it’s foggy. However, many times, people confuse it with light drizzle. Others can see you on the road when it is little drizzle, so there is no need to use the fog lights unnecessarily.

fog lights
Drivers use fog lights when it is foggy outside (Photo Source: alamy)

The Endnote

With a slew of cars worldwide, it is natural to use car functions incorrectly. The above are some common functions on vehicles that people are using wrong.