How Fast Can A Car Go In Reverse – Know Here

Although we are sure that, you have witnessed in movies the protagonist driving the entire car in reverse on the highway with the speed touching 80mph. At the same time, we also know that reel and real life are way apart from each other. However, it has not stopped many car owners from asking how fast can a car go in reverse. We do not recommend that one even try to drive their car backward, as it is not only impractical but also risky.

How Fast Can A Car Go In Reverse – The Truth

Theoretically, the driving speed of the car in reverse gear should remain the same as when driving in forward gear. The engine would run at the same speed, irrelevant of the direction in which you would drive the vehicle. The important thing to keep in mind while trying to run the car backward is that there are gears, which help move the car forward and back. Your car has at least 5 gears to move forward and only one to drive it backward. We recommend you browse online to find the best driving tips for your car.

Now, we shall understand as to how fast you can drive the car in reverse gear. You need to remember that the modern day automobile can have gears from 4 to 7.

1. The Suspensions

Your car has front suspensions, which help the vehicle move forward not backward. It prevents the car driver from getting to fast speed when reversing the vehicle. When combined with the fact that you are driving looking over your shoulder, the top speed in reverse gear terminates in a spectacular turnout. It is difficult to go in a straight line when you are driving backward. Thus, when you are driving in reverse, the answer to your question of how fast can a car go in reverse is not that far.

How Fast Can A Car Go In Reverse - The Samurai Way
Front suspensions help the vehicle move forward not backward(Photo Source: shuttershock)

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2. The Transmission

If your car happens to have an automatic transmission, it will automatically move to the higher gear when you will increase the speed. Unfortunately, with only one reverse gear to work with you would also need to maintain a specific speed to keep the car running backward. Car experts recommend that you would need to drive the vehicle in a specific speed limit if you want the vehicle to keep running in reverse gear without any issues.

3. The Issues With Driving In Reverse Gear

Automobile manufacturers do not make cars knowing that there are drivers looking to drive the vehicle in full speed, at reverse gear. The reverse gear provides the vehicle with ample power at less speed to move it from the standstill. The car engine and other components should always be compatible with driving it in reverse gear for an extended time.

Besides, the resistance of the reverse gear is much less than the forward gears. If you plan to drive the car in reverse for an elongated period, then it would put additional strain on the reverse gear components, which is not a good decision to make.

Know Here Everything On How Fast Can A Car Go In Reverse
The resistance of the reverse gear is much less than the forward gears(Photo Source: hotcars)


Thus, when you want to know how fast can a car go in reverse, we recommend that you rather not try the idea, as it would harm the reverse gear components of the car. Besides, the vehicle always moves forward. In addition, your car would not go too far when driving in the reverse gear.