American UPS Increase Fuel-Efficiency by not Turning Left

If traveling to home, office or some other destinations, the shortest distance is your choice for fastest, safest, and better vehicle’s mileage – Then, think Again! Because with the emerging theory “increase Fuel-Efficiency by not turning Left”, the above concept is losing its significance. Why and how? To get the relevant answer, explore this practice adopted by American UPS in 2004.

Increase Fuel-Efficiency by not Turning Left: Is It Possible?

Well, for an individual this may seem impossible to take every right turn that too, in the city. However, UPS- an American Freight carrier has proved this true by implementing the rule in 2004. Offering benefits like increasing fuel economy, reduced CO2 emissions, and accidents, this policy of not turning left has changed the way people conceive better fuel efficiency.

1. How UPS Started with the “Never Left Turn” Theory

The American Freight carrier UPS started believing in a great combination of “right turn policy” and the routing software since 2004. Soon they developed a stunning software, which helped them not only to achieve better fuel economy but also the increased profits.

Later, every other UPS driver listened and followed the logistics and traffic engineers.

Possibility to Increase fuel-efficiency by not turning left
Increase fuel-efficiency by not turning left with your car

After Effects of “Never Left Turn” Policy

The last statement from UPS company was enough to prove, how any vehicle’s increases Fuel-Efficiency by not turning Left. As per the statement, the company has reduced 20,000 tons of carbon emission since 2004. Even, the normal package delivering practices had improved greatly.

2. How The Theory Gained Popularity

Next, a show named “Mythbusters” took up the challenge of proving “ No left turn” indeed to save fuel in the city. During the test, they added routes, which made the vehicle to turn right and reach its destination.

With the end of this examination, the received results were quite surprising! It was found that undoubtedly, the distance increases but it did save more fuel than the usual drive following the shortest path.

Broadcasted on Discovery Channel, the claimed results later, became popular among the people of US.


What’s Wrong With Turning Left?

Besides the above benefit of “right turn” policy, there’re several factors, which prove the hazard of opting “left turn” theory.

Everyone is aware that the US has right-hand driving roads, which makes the left-hand turns generally unsafe. In fact, not only dangerous but this policy also leads to traffic build-up situations, which creates chaos during office hours.

The reports from the US National Traffic Safety Association has also revealed that turning left has been one of the major causes of crashing events. Even, this “left turn” theory is more likely to kill pedestrians than the “right turn” policy.

Increase Fuel-Efficiency by not turning Left safely
Increase Fuel-Efficiency by not turning Left on the road

Finally, after gaining this essential driving tips now, you can better understand, how any vehicle’s increase Fuel-Efficiency by not turning Left.