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Is It Safe to Fuel a Car WITHOUT Turning Off the Engine?

The warnings at the fuel stations always notify you to turn off your engine during refueling at the pumps. But why? What appalling thing will occur to you if you don’t? Is there some kind of risk associated if you fuel a car without turning off the engine? The answer is YES. There are a couple of legitimate reasons behind this.

Let’s explore them further!

What Happens when you Fuel a Car without Turning off the Engine?

Why fuel a car without turning off the engine
Know how to fuel a car without turning off the engine. Cre: Shutterstock

Everyone says to turn your engine off when you’re at the fuel stations–but is it actually that precarious to leave your car on? The reason why we’re advised to keep our cars off during fueling is that static-electricity related incidents can crop up, though they are unusual. This spark of static electricity could ignite the gasoline vapors, setting your car, and the fuel pump burst into flames. A similar thing could take place when you sit back into the car and then return to the gas pump. Your mobile phone could ring and start a fire or spark an outburst.

It is also possible that the power sources for phone chargers and cigarette lighters can also be potential accident igniters of a fuel fire. If you leave your engine running and dash out to the expediency store during refueling, it can create a risk of children inadvertently engaging the drive gear and moving the car with the fuelling nozzle in the tank. This could lead to a lethal accident be it a slip and fall or a combustion.

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Why it is dangerous to fuel a car without turning off the engine?

According to an automotive expert, if you fuel the car with the engine on, there are chances that the system will ingest liquid fuel which can smash the system altogether. Leaving your car on while fueling at the gas pump could also enhance the chance that you’ll drive away with the hosepipe still attached to your car. Although the chances of accidents are slim, it’s always better to take precautions beforehand by referring some maintenance tips by car experts.

Method of fuel a car without turning off the engine
Reasons to fuel a car without turning off the engine. Source: The FuelCard People

There are many cases where drivers move the cars accidentally during refueling because they are diverted or in a hurry. This situation can lead to a major fuel spill and fire from the exhaust. Therefore, we’re supposed to turn our engines off, disable any sources of ignition to minimize the risk of accident.

The above reasons are evident that it is dangerous to fuel a car without turning off the engine. So, to avoid your car from catching fire, it’s better to be safe than regretful, and not be ‘fuellish.’ Make sure to switch off the car engine while refueling at the fuel pump.

  1. Noah Adhola says

    Is there any current engine that can be modified to fit in that of Peugeot 504 station wagon.

  2. Joseph mujuni says

    I would wish to know the function of power and manual buttons on the shift like gear lever’s a premeo model 2000.

  3. Gichuki says

    The danger of driving off with the pump still in the tank is there even if you had previously switched off the engine. There are engines running in petrol stations ALL the time because that is how cars enter and leave the station. The argument about static elecricity is therefore invalid. It is preferable to shut down the engine because the attendant has to open the bonnet, check oil, etc. It is dangerous to do such operations with a running engine.

  4. Wambua says

    Good advise .thanks . I got many educational materials from those posts.thanks

  5. Audhriech says

    I experienced with some vehicles that after refuelling with the engine ON, the fuel gauge gets ‘confused’ … malfunctions for some time before finally restored. I like turning off the engine.

  6. Sindhav says

    To off engine while fuelling,
    But after fuelling, when we start the car is that not more chance of giving spark to vapour around.
    Please update me.

  7. Patrick Pwaipwai says

    Good information always and im a fun of this page

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