Are You Ready to Improve Gas Mileage of Your Car?

People are feeling a budget pinch from the rising gas prices and the crunch is making them switch to more gas-saving alternatives. Many drivers thought to allay their expenses on gas by driving less. But, one just can’t stay home the entire time. So, it pays to improve their gas mileage and save money at the tank. By following some useful tips and tricks, you can greatly increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Let’s explore how you can improve the gas mileage of your vehicle and see some savings in your bank account.

The Most Effective Ways to Improve Gas Mileage Of your Car

Do you know you can get better gas mileage by just following a few simple, handy tips? Well, these guidelines can significantly help you to use every drop of fuel, you pour into your tank. So, let’s walk through them.

Guidelines to improve gas mileage
Effective Ways to improve gas mileage of your car. Source: Everypixel

1. Shun Rapid Acceleration and Braking

Continuous acceleration and braking reduce your gas mileage. It uses much more gas thereby reducing the fuel economy. So, the best way to improve fuel efficiency is to brake over a longer distance and accelerate slowly.

2. Don’t forget to Change your Air Filter

Replacing air filter is the easiest and practical way to improve gas mileage. If your car’s air filter is clogged with debris, dust, or other particles, it will greatly increase fuel consumption and reduce gas mileage. So, replacing your car’s air filter can instantly improve the gas mileage of your car.

3. Use your Vehicle’s AC Less Often

Your car’s air conditioner puts extra strain on the engine, thereby increasing the consumption of gas. It is more fuel efficient to roll down your windows and turn your car Ac off when possible.

4. Cut Down the Extra Load

Improve gas mileage by reducing the load
Reduce extra load of your car to improve gas mileage. Source: Medium 

If you don’t require something, do not place it into the car. The lighter the load, the lower will be the fuel consumption. Loading excess weight can actually consume more gas of your car. So, lessening the load can help you get a mile or two more per gallon.


5. Buy the right kind of gas

Pick the correct octane gas for your car. You can check the owner’s manual to find out what type of gas your engine requires. Purchase a good brand of gas that has detergent additives, which help to keep the system clean. One can also explore some maintenance tips to figure out the best kind of gas for the engine.

6. Make Sure the Gas Cap is Fully Sealed

With time, the rubber seal on your gas cap begins to break down, allowing oxygen to drip into the gas tank. This lead to an excess of air to enter the engine, and in turn, the engine burns more gas. So, ensure to completely seal out your gas cap in order to improve gas mileage.

By following these simple and useful tips, one can greatly improve gas mileage and keep more currency in their wallet. Also, keep in mind that taking your car in for periodic checkups can help you to increase fuel economy.