A Simple Way to Do a Burnout in an Automatic Transmission Car

A car burnout, which is also known as power brake and peel out, is a practice that is generally done before a race to warm up the tires. You will cause the tires to heat up and yield smokes by keeping the car immobile and spinning the wheels. It creates lots of friction, which is the reason for the smoke. Burnout in an automatic transmission car is not something difficult. However, it’s an illegal act and needs proper safety cautions. Even a small mistake can lead to accidents and injury.

How to Do a Burnout in an Automatic Transmission Car

Most of the auto car models are not suitable for a burnout. Nevertheless, you can still complete the act because automatic vehicles don’t have a clutch, which makes it simpler to perform the stunt. Some models such the latest Ford Mustang have a dedicated driving mode to make it even easier. You need to check the car’s health and its internal components because the burnout puts lots of stress and pressure on them. You should not pull the stunt off if the vehicle is not in its perfect condition.

Burnout in an Automatic Transmission
Auto car burnout is even simpler because they don’t have a clutch.

The Burnout in Automatic Transmission – Step by Step Process

It is relatively easier to perform a burnout when the engine has a high torque and horsepower because it allows losing traction without any trouble. Some car models that can yield a high torque are Subaru Impreza, Chevrolet Colorado, and Chevrolet Impala. However, don’t believe the popular myth that the engine needs thousands of horsepower to execute this task.

To do a burnout in an automatic transmission car, follow these steps:

Find a safe location. It’s necessary because the act is illegal and doing a mistake can injure the bystanders. Besides, an obstacle-free spot is essential for your own safety so that you can come out in one piece if anything goes wrong.

Start the car. Start the car and keep your left foot strolling on the brake pedal. Point the wheels directly forward and move the selector to 1 or D before releasing the handbrake.

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Switch the traction control off. Don’t forget to do this because the most common reason for the burnout failure is a switched on traction control. If you don’t turn off the switch, the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) will keep trying to regain traction, thereby obstructing the burnout.

Perform the burnout. Press and hold the brake and gas pedals as hard as possible. Then rev the engine and disengage the brake slowly to make the tires burn. If you want to stop, just release the gas pedal.

Burnout in an Automatic Transmission
Take safety cautions before performing the stunt.

Some Tips for an Easy Burnout in an Automatic Transmission

Following these tips will help you perform the burnout more easily:

  • For performing the stunt, choose an area with loose gravel. It does great help in losing traction.
  • Check the brake pads before the act. Make sure that it does not have any flaw. You will need it in full-functioning condition to enhance stopping power.
  • Adding water to the tires will make them slippery and help with the burnout.