10 Most Beautiful Drives in Africa

When it comes to continent like Africa, people tend to believe that it’s all about wildlife. However, only a true voyager knows that it’s not about the destination but the journey and extraordinary roads, which makes Africa special and beautiful in its own way. So, those who plan to tour in their own vehicles should explore these beautiful Drives in Africa, so as to not miss any, and experience a comfortable and unforgettable ride.

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Beautiful Drives in Africa: Countless Enthralling Roads

With the ample of winding roads, people can have the adventure in their footsteps creating a memorable road trip for them in Africa.

1. Chapman’s Peak Drive

The cutting-edge and construction processes makes the road well known among people . Furthermore, situated between Noordhoek and Hout Bay, it covers 9km of the route which also has 114 splendid curves.

For worldwide visitors to Cape Town, this road offers integrated traffic and incident management system, including weather monitoring. In fact, for a smooth and comfortable drive in your vehicle, the road also has rock fall mitigating measures and a canopy structure. Furthermore, the natural cut half tunnel keeps driver along with people safe from potential rock falls.

Known for the scenic drives, this road ensures safety first as, during adverse conditions, it is called for closure.

2. Eastern/Western Cape: The Route from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth

Without a small degree of trepidation, the first time traveler can also drive through this great adventurous road starting from Cape Town. Moreover, touring through this less traffic road is quite comfortable and on reaching the Mossel Bay, the actual journey of Garden route starts.

However, if several great outlooks are getting missed during the Beautiful Drives in Africa, park the car alongside and enjoy the spectacular trees, stunning blue flag beaches with scenic hiking trails along with the suspension bridge coming on the way while traversing through different towns.

3. Get Mesmerized by Flowers in Namaqualand

Known for the scenic road trips, the Namaqualand remains covered with lush-green and colorful wildflowers from July to September.

However, it is better to head towards this road from the north and then slowly wends the way towards South. Following this route allows for a comfortable ride through the unpaved and narrow road in the region

Travel to Beautiful Drives in Africa
Beautiful Drives in Africa are worth visiting (Image: Northern Cape Tourism Authority)

Tip: Avoid driving on the road during the rest of the year as the pathway gets sandy and become a dry terrain.

4. Clarence Drive Route44

The coastal drive stretches between the Gordons Bay and Bett’s Bay over the distance of 21 km. Surrounded by wild turquoise Cape coastline, this good condition road has 77 curves with four in complete 150-degree bend.

Tip: For an exhilarating drive, it is advised to ride below 60 kph.

5. Gauteng: Run To Hartebeesportdam

For people who love taking road trips, this Saloon Route 66 in Hartebeespoort dam is a delicious perk.

Heading from four ways, one can enter the road by an industry vehicle from Cedar Road. In fact, the journey from Johannesburg to Hartebeespoort involves curving roads offering both challenging and a relax-full drive.

6. Eight Mountain Passes

These eight motorable passes of Eastern Cape features wild side of Drakensberg. To complete this slow route between Lady Grey and Elliott, one needs to have patience and spirit full of adventure.

Other famous passes include Joubert’s Pass, Lundean’s Nek, Volunteershoek Road/Bistone Pass, Carlisleshoek, Naude’s Nek (the highest pass in the country), Bastervoetpad, Barkly Pass and the Otto Du Plessis Pass.

7. Panorama Route

For the easy and wonderful ride by the car, it is better to explore the mountains, forests, waterfalls and Blyde River Canyon of Mpumalanga during the daytime.

8. Midlands Meander

Spreading over the area of 80 km, the Kwazulu Natal’s Midlands Meander is a sight-seeing route with the typical green countryside. This site is situated between Pietermaritzburg and the Drakensberg, providing a wonderful alternative for weekends.

So, park the car and get through the narrow roads of Midlands Meander in order to enjoy the nature reserves, little villages, forests and eateries in the area.

9. Valley of Thousand Hills

With 30 minutes drive away from Durban, this place let the drivers experience rural life of South Africa. With plenty of hills, cliffs and valleys which rise up from the banks of the Umgeni River, the roads in the region are plain and smooth to drive.

10. The Maloti Route26

The spectacular Maloti route starts in Harrismith, goes through the Free State and across to the Eastern Cape over the Orange River, to the Wild Coast. Stretching over 280 km, this route has certain potholes. However, while having Beautiful Drives in Africa, one can forget this adversity and experience a range of spectacular sceneries in his car and above all, the culture.

Explore Beautiful Drives in Africa
Some most Beautiful Drives in Africa (photo source: Tomtom.com)

Overall, the roads in Africa have a lot to offer the drive lovers and knowing about these roads, actually adds on to the confidence of traveling by own vehicle.