Why Volvos Are Safe: The Possible Reasons

Started in 1927 in Sweden, the Volvo Company has come a long way. Fair price and great quality are the prominent reasons behind gaining an edge on the competition. What’s interesting is that when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration crash-tested the company’s cars, they received a high five-star rating. People often wonder, “why Volvos are safe?” Here is a quick rundown of the possible reasons.

Why Volvos Are Safe?

Volvo cars are a pioneer in car safety. Ever since the advent of the company, the word “Safety” and the name “Volvo” have been used both hands in hand. This safety-conscious manufacturer has never let the customers’ expectations down, whether it comes to safety, world-class engineering, quality control, and luxurious features.

Flagship S90 and midsize S60 are in the category of the sedan. When it comes to the station wagon, V60, V90, and cross country models are quite popular. Lastly, Full-size XC90, midsize XC60, and compact XC40 come under the sporty-utility category. In the year 2010, the Chinese automaker, Geely, owed Volvo.

Excellent Safety Innovations

The invention of the three-point seat belt brought a new revolution in the automobile industry. All credit goes to Nils Bohlin, a Volo engineer, who had made it possible. Many people often ask how safe are Volvos. Well, they might not know that the launch of Volvo PV544 captured everyone’s eyes in 1959 because it was the first car to have a three-point seat belt.

Seat belts
Three-point seat belts have prevented many deaths.(Photo Source: Pixabay)

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Volvo’s Gift to the World

Later on, the company waved off the patent rights because other companies had to pay a royalty for using seat belts. As the Company wanted to promote safer cars worldwide, they decided to take back the patent right.

According to Volvo, more than 1 million highway deaths have been prevented since the inception of the three-point belts. As far as safety is concerned, seat belts are now not just exclusive to the front seats but are fitted in rear seating positions as well.

Rear-facing child seat was developed in the year 1972. The Volvo Company takes pride in manufacturing best-selling cars that promote safety and save lives worldwide. Child seats are useful when it comes to supporting the head, neck, and spine.

The idea of a child seat popped up in mind after seeing the images of the astronauts lying on their backs at the time of takeoff. In the year 1976, the company created a child booster seat for children over the age of 2 years.

Upgraded Technology

Volvo cars have always been packed with safety equipment. The forward-thinking approach has brought a revolution in the automobile arena.  Volvo Company has taken the lead in all aspects, such as developing the Roller Protection System, Sophisticated electronic Roll Stability Control System, Blind Spot Information System, City Safety low-speed automatic emergency braking system, and Connected Safety innovation.

So, are Volvos the safest cars on the road? Well, they are among the incredible cars loaded with full of safety features. After reading the car reviews, you can compare the safety, comfort, performance, and much more. The Company is among the car manufacturers keeping customer safety as their priority.

Volvo Electric cars
New safety features in Volvo cars.(Photo Source: Pixabay)

What’s Coming?  

Volvo Company has continuously been introducing new safety features in the market since its inception. Its plan includes leveraging the geo-fencing to limit the vehicles’ speed automatically near hospitals and schools. Also, fully electric cars are on the way to make life more convenient. Considering the above points, it is crystal clear Why Volvos are safe. Undoubtedly, Volvo cars will continue to rule the roads for decades.