Look at the List of Volvo Best Selling Car

Undoubtedly many astonishing cars are now available in the market, but Volvo is still the king of all and watching the records of Volvo best selling car. Certainly, they will continue to rule the roads for years. Volvo was founded in the year 1927 and till then it is globally accepted. The first model of Volvo was Volvo OV 4. After that, they presented adorable Volvo models like Volvo PV444, Volvo 340, Volvo S80, Volvo XC60.

Volvo Car Corporation was part of Ford Motor Company. Ford offered Volvo cars for sales after suffering from losses in 2008 and 2009 Ford confirmed Geely Automobiles as its buyer. The Volvo symbol is an ancient chemistry sign for iron. In the current models of Volvo cars have letters in which “S” stands for “sedan”, “C” stands for “convertible”, “V” stands for “versatile”, XC stands for “cross country”. We have the list of Volvo best selling car which is as follows:

Volvo cars reportedly doubled the sales in the first six months of 2016. Volvo XC60 is the best selling Volvo so far and is worldwide renowned. In the first half of this year total no. of Volvo XC60 sold are 73,817, followed by Volvo V40/V40 Cross Country with 48, 670 and third XC90 with 43,911. So let’s discuss few specifications of finest Volvo Cars 2016 that are in huge demand.

Volvo XC60:

The most trusted Volvo XC60 has huge admirers and is one of the best selling Volvo cars. It gives a supple ride, a stylish cabin, and plenty of safety techs. It has four doors; capacity is five passengers, front-wheel drive, and 23/31 mpg city/highway. Also, it has 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine; 240 hp, 258 lb-ft; 8-speed automatic transmission.

volvo best selling car

Volvo V40/V40 Cross Country

Ever amazing one of the best selling Volvo cars is Volvo V40 Cross Country. It is a five seater car that provides six gearboxes speed, Automatic, FWD, also Engine of 1596 cc, Petrol, 180 bhp @ 5700 RPM power and the power steering.

Volvo XC90

The most powerful Volvo XC90 is an incredible best selling Volvo diesel car with an engine of 1969 cc, eight gearboxes, 4 Cylinders, Power 228.13 PS. The Volvo XC90’s front end is designed to absorb frontal impacts. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety awarded the Volvo XC90 for Top Safety Pick award.

So, these were the few best selling Volvo cars which are widely famous across the world. But if you check the history of Volvo cars, you probably will like all Volvo models from the previous years. The gems that came before these top models are unbelievable. Those types are loved by all and strictly not to neglect. The Volvo lovers would like to check out the old Volvo models.

Not only the best selling Volvo cars but all the Volvo cars are so amazing that anyone can skip their heartbeat for the cars. The glory of these cars are continued to rise, and they will please all of us with the best versions in the coming years.