Mazda RX8 Pros And Cons – Make An Informed Decision

Mazda RX8 is a stylish coupe that has a unique styling and distinct look unlikely to be found in other coupes. The superior style combines with a smooth handling and powerful engine – making it highly appealing to a specific buyer class. But, are Mazda RX8 good cars? Well, a discussion on Mazda RX8 pros and cons will help to make you an informed decision.

Mazda RX8 Pros And Cons

The car has its fair share of praise and criticism. The fans rave about its good looks, fantastic stability and control, practical features, and many other things. But, the critics are not fond of the mileage, performance on wet grounds, the rotary engine, and high maintenance costs.

Before jumping into the Mazda RX8 pros and cons, let’s see what kind of a car it is. Mazda manufactured the sports car from 2002 to 2012. It is a rear-wheel-drive, front mid-engine coupe.

are mazda rx8 reliable
Fans highly praise the good looks.

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Powered by a rotary Wankel engine, it gained popularity due to the powerful performance, smooth cruising ability, and enough boot space. However, the four-seater performs poorly in terms of gas mileage and carbon emission – the latter was the reason for its discontinuity from the European market in 2010.

Mazda RX8 Pros

The Look – There are lots of people who adore the Mazda RX8 for its aesthetic. The styling is not aggressive but not quite refined either. The interior puts on a vintage spin by featuring a combination of black and red colors. Driving the car on the road will earn you frequent nods and compliments, especially from people who have an appreciation for these types of cars.

The Engine – The high-revving, 1.3-liter rotary engine generates a great amount of power. Also, you will enjoy excellent handling because the engine power goes to the rear wheels through a limited-slip differential. The speed is not super fast and it does not shoot off as a rocket like a sports car but the incredible handling will give you the feel of driving one.

Reasonable Price – Many people don’t rely on the rotary engine and its power. For this reason, it is possible to score a Mazda RX8 at an affordable price.

Mazda RX8 Cons

Small Size – The interior might give a tough time to the people who are taller. Also, the smaller body also leads it to the blind spot of other cars.

Poor Mileage – One major weak point of the car is its low fuel efficiency. For example, the 2010 RX8 yields 16 mpg and 22 mpg in the city and on the highway for the 6-speed manual version. The automatic version runs for one more mile on the highway.

are mazda rx8 good cars
Poor mileage is a real bummer.

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High Maintenance Costs – The maintenance, registration, and insurance will cost more than other cars. Also, bailing out on a scheduled service like an oil change will lead to bigger problems.

The Final Words

If you compare the Mazda RX8 pros and cons, the latter seems to be higher in number. However, it is more about your preferences than counting the benefits and downsides. If you want a good-looking stallion on the road at a reasonable price, go for it. But, if gas mileage, carbon emission, and maintenance costs have a big role in your plan, look elsewhere.