Cool Facts about Toyota Supra -The Incredible Sports Car

Toyota Supra is not an alien name to any sports car enthusiast. The successor of Toyota Celica, but longer and wider in dimensions; Toyota Supra managed to gather the limelight for its great engine power. Be it any racing genre, Toyota Supra did emerge as a winner. Toyota Supra was the most popular sports car in the market with unwavering sales of its time. Why was that so? The following cool facts about Toyota Supra can feed your hunger for knowledge well.

Knowing the Must Know Facts about Toyota Supra

Toyota Supra was built to be a performer. Be it the looks or the driving experience, Toyota Supra has proved to be a sports car king. There is a lot that has gone into its making and interesting facts that need a mention. Let’s look at some of them below.

1. The Associations

You would be surprised to know that Toyota Supra derived its styling from Toyota Celica. The difference lied in the fact that it was much wider and longer than the Celica variant. For the same reason the sports car was known as Toyota Celica Supra and Toyota Celica XX (Japanese variant name) earlier. But, in 1986, Supra got disassociated with Celica and established itself as a distinct model leaving the prefix Celica behind. But the confusion still persists as people confuse Celica with Supra and vice versa.

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2. Convenience Package

The Toyota Supra had the best of the technology of its time. Some of which included optional power windows, power locks, cruise control, door pull straps, and an optional sunroof. Other unique features included a tilt steering wheel and a 4-speaker audio and stereo system. But most importantly, Toyota Supra was the first ever car to get the world’s very first navigation computer in its Celica XX variant in 1981.

Studying Facts about Toyota Supra
Facts about Toyota SupraI is So Famous. Source: Toyota

3. Engine History

The Toyota Supra has a similar engine to that of Toyota 2000GT and Toyota Crown. The first three generations of Toyota Supra were inspired by the engine of Toyota Crown and Toyota 2000 GT’s model. It is the inline 6-cylinder engine that all the four generations of Supra have been inbuilt with. This engine is known to be indestructible and still is one of the best engines with high horsepower levels.

4. Noteworthy Appearances

This is one of the most interesting facts about Toyota Supra so far. The sports car has appeared on your screens an innumerable number of times. According to a database, it is precisely 78 times that the car has appeared in movies as well as television series. Not only that, Toyota Supra has also made a debut in video games and music videos. Prominent appearances include in games such as Need for Speed, Tokyo Xtreme Racer, and in the most popular Fast and the Furious movie franchise.

Interesting Facts about Toyota Supra
Facts about Toyota Supra To read. Source: Toyota

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5. Production to No-Production

It was in 1978 that Toyota began the production of Toyota Supra under the name “Toyota Celica XX” back in Japan. And, it was in 1979, that the Supra was first exported outside of Japan. But shockingly it was in 1998, that the sales of Toyota Supra were brought to a halt in the United States. However, it was in 2002 that Toyota halted the production of the sports car in Japan primarily due to the cost aspect related to adhering to the rising exhaust emission targets. Refer to industry knowledge to know more about exhaust emission concept.

Watching the video about Toyota Supra – What we know so far


These were some amazing facts about Toyota Supra to add on your knowledge about sports cars. Interestingly, there has been news doing rounds that Toyota is bringing back the iconic model. This new model would be an image of Supra with technological advancements so good, that it would rule the market all over again.