How Long Do Honda Civics Last? An Insight Into The Must-Know Facts

Honda Civic is a compact car that has been a popular choice among people across the globe, since its introduction in 1972. The spectacular design of Honda Civics is the reason why the model is gaining most of the attention. On the technological front, people are curious about how long do Honda Civics last? Is it worth the investment? Here’s an answer to all your queries.

How Long Do Honda Civics Last? Know Here!

Honda Civic is an amazing car and is known for its longevity and reliability! A user may never want to give up on their car owing to the wonderful experience it offers. That is why; it becomes essential to know how long you would be able to maintain it. Read on, to get a clear idea.

Honda Civic: Standing beyond the norm 

Honda Civics holds the capability to take you a long way down the road. With proper care and maintenance, Civics can last over 20+ years. To be more precise, it could take you 300,000 miles and even beyond. Of course, the exact mileage will depend on several factors like period maintenance, driving habits, and road conditions…

Generally, a standard car will have an average lifespan of 12 years (about 200000 miles). And just some electric vehicles can last about 300,000 miles. So we can see that the lifespan of Civics is very admirable. This is one reason behind the unstoppable sales of the compact car. The Consumer Reports Subscribers listed Honda Civics as one of the longest-lasting cars of all time, back in 2015.

Know about how long do Honda civics last
All about how long Honda Civics last. (Photo: Honda)

Also according to data from the U.S. Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Honda Civic has been one of the world’s least problematic vehicles over the past 10 years. A report from 2019 said that the Civic ranks among the models with a lifespan of over 300,000 km, of which about 2% is twice the average (600,000 km). However, Honda Civics has fallen off this list according to the 2020 report. But, this is still an amazingly durable sedan.

As per stats, car owners are found to stick to their Honda Civic for as long as ten years or even more. Now that you know how long do Honda Civics last, you could undoubtedly buy it and make an investment worth it!

Not only does it have a rave review about the lifespan, but Civics also receives a high recommendation when talking about the safety feature. We can say that safety and efficiency are always the criteria set out on every Honda vehicle, not just the Civic. Japanese automakers often set high standards for themselves, along with the idea of ​​creating quality products that exceed expectations. Although each country will have a different quality of control, the Honda Civic is still a reliable car overall and long-term.

Honda Civic has won numerous industry safety awards. The proof is that it is always on the IIHS Top Safety Pick list, receiving a 5-star safety rating from NHTSA as well as awards from the J.D. Power organization.

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How To Prolong The Lifespan Of Honda Civics

Like any car, to improve the lifespan of the vehicle, you shouldn’t ignore these methods below:

1. Maintenance is the key not to overlook

The attitude of the owner towards handling the car also measures how many miles can a Honda civic last. If an owner relies on preventative maintenance, the car will last longer than one’s expectations. The Honda Civic owner has to change the car’s fluids frequently and check spark plugs, gaskets, engine, and potential oil leaks.

Do not overlook the need to have the valves checked to ensure that they run perfectly fine. Maintain the car clean and make sure you do not keep the car idle for a long period. Lastly, remember that the oil does not run extremely low as it could be a major reason behind an engine failure.

As reported by Repair Pal, the average annual maintenance cost of the Honda Civic is $400. This is a relatively low maintenance fee for a mid-sized urban car like the Honda Civic.

Honda Civics
Civic ranks among the models with a lifespan of over 300,000 km (Photo:

2. A smooth drive is all it takes

Be it a Honda Civic or any other car; your driving skills form a deciding factor for how long the mechanical block would last. You need to be extra careful with the driving part when it comes to the smooth shifting of the gears. When you handle the car with care, it is liable to last for over a decade.

The more aggressive you are towards your driving style, the higher the chances that the car’s life will diminish. Be kind towards your car, and your Honda Civic will return the favor. It would be an investment totally worth it! Refer to car review for a comprehensive review of the Honda Civic.

Besides, here are some things to keep in mind if Honda Civic owners want to increase the lifespan:

  • Maintenance on schedule
  • Repair immediately after detecting damage
  • Check the oil
  • Clean the engine cooling system
  • Limit rust or corrosion
  • Always keep the tires inflated
  • Knowing to use the brakes properly

Wrapping Up

When buying a new car, the first thing that concerns it is its life on the road. After referring to the information above, you would be pretty clear about how long Honda civics lasts, and what makes it last that long. Always remember, whenever you spend money it should offer unprecedented value in the long run.