Few Tips To Take Good Care Of Your Car

It does not take much effort to keep your car in shape. Listed below are the most basic tips to take good  care of your car. Some people take care of their car like a child, others only stop to watch the vehicle when they come to know that there is something wrong. Such an attitude is risky and could mean a lot of damage to the car and mainly, to the owner’s pocket.

Taking care of your car

You do not need to dedicate all your free time to care your car, but you can do simple things which prolong the service life of the vehicle and avoid unwanted break down during the needy time. Cleaning Japanese used cars is not just a matter of beauty, but also of the condition. By keeping the interior of the vehicle clean, you avoid the accumulation of harmful substances harmful to health that can cause bouts of allergy, such as mites and fungi. In addition, the dirt that accumulates in the body of your car can destroy the pain and other components, and may even cause stains.

Check the engine oil

The oil is responsible for cooking, cleaning and lubricating the engine. Check the car´s manual to know your specifications, keep an eye on the display panel and the sticker pasted on the windscreen, which indicates the date of the next oil change. This should be performed at an authorized service center.

Stay tuned to tire pressure

Travel with the correct pressure visibly reduces fuel consumption, avoids overheating and consequently, premature wear and risk of accidents. The pressure reading varies according to the model and the weight that the vehicle loads. If you are not sure what the proper pressure is, check the manual.

Take care of the body

In some Japanese used cars, the bodywork is already protected against rust and other harmful agents. It is common to have small hits or nicks, you have to repair it immediately. The longer the delay, the greater the risk of injury.

Always use original spare parts

Unoriginal spare parts replacement can cause problems. This includes accidents and even loss of warranty. Unlike the original, generic spare parts do not go through strict quality tests. Remember: if your mechanic install low-quality products without your consent, you have the right to go to the court.

Alignment and balancing

The alignment and balancing avoid uneven wear of the tires and increases the safety of passengers. Both procedures should be performed every 10,000km or after replacement of tires and other components. It is also recommended to do both before the arrival of extreme weather conditions. A good indication that shows a car needs these procedures is the inaccuracy or vibration when driving.

Do not keep your foot on the clutch

Driving with your foot on the clutch keeps the hitch disengaged, as it can provoke friction. Friction leads to premature wear and even break in the clutch.

These are just some simple tips to take good  care of your car, we hope you will follow it to avoid damage to your cars, and save money in maintenance fee.