How to Reset BMW Computer After Battery Change

BMW cars have a computer system that runs most of the diagnoses and displays of the vehicle. After maintenance tasks like an oil change or battery replacement, it becomes necessary to reset the BMW computer. If you don’t want to take professional service for that, you have to know how to reset BMW computer after battery change.

Why Does the BMW Computer Need a Reset?

These days, BMW cars come with a complicated electrical system consisting of a computer that controls the alternator. After replacing the battery, this computer should know about the change, so its software has information about the update. The main reason is that the computer stores electric energy, which is different from the primary battery.

how to reset BMW computer after battery change
A BMW computer. (Photo: Heynneman European)

There are certain advantages of performing a computer reset in BMW cars.

  • The computer reset is a way to inform the computer of successful new battery registration.
  • Resetting ensures that the battery of the BMW car registers 80% of the capacity as a reference point.
  • This process also confirms the restoration of the Current Odometer readings.
  • It also enables the computer to delete battery information storage allocation of values, such as battery temperature, voltage, current, and charge level.

Which BMW Models Need a Computer Reset?

In modern BMW models, various electronic control modules and systems are interconnected and rely on computer software to operate effectively. In certain situations, performing a computer reset may be necessary to resolve issues or restore optimal functionality. In case of battery change in any of these models, computer reset becomes essential. However, the need for a computer reset can vary depending on the specific model, year, and the nature of the problem you are experiencing. Below, we will list some specific BMW models that need to be reset after battery change:

  • 7-Series cars from the year 2002 and later (E65/E66 chassis)
  • X5 cars of 2007 and later (E70 chassis)
  • 2003 and later 6-Series cars (E54/E63 chassis)
  • X5 cars of 2005 and later (E53 chassis and N62 engine)
  • X6 cars from the year 2008 and later (E71 chassis)
  • 3-Series cars of 2006 and later (E90/E91/E92/E93 chassis)
  • 5-Series cars of 2004 and later (E60/E61 chassis)

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How to Reset BMW Computer After Battery Change

As you can understand the importance of the BMW computer reset from the earlier discussion, here are the steps.

  1. First of all, turn the ignition key of the BMW car to the accessory position once the lights and radio are on. You have to do this before starting the vehicle. Then, press and hold the “Trip” button, which is located on the instrument panel, until the red light comes on.
  2. Again, press the “Trip” button and hold until Reset appears.
  3. Then, press the same button for the third time. Now, the BMW computer will reset in no time.

The whole process of battery change and computer reset of BMW cars is not costly. Doing this on time will allow you to drive your BMW car without any problem. Despite all these facts, do not take this procedure lightly. There are motor shops with trained technicians who follow the warranty standards of the manufacturer. Consult such shops to get a safe and secure service.

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Some Situations You Need To Reset BMW Computer

Here are a few instances where a BMW computer reset may be recommended or necessary:

  • Battery disconnection: If you disconnect the vehicle’s battery for maintenance or replacement, it may be necessary to reset certain systems, such as the power windows, sunroof, radio, or climate control, to restore their proper operation.
  • Software updates: BMW periodically releases software updates known as “firmware” or “programming” updates to address system bugs, improve performance, or introduce new features. After updating the software, resetting specific modules may be required to ensure proper integration and functionality.
  • System malfunctions: In case of certain electronic system malfunctions or errors, resetting the associated modules or performing a system reboot may help clear temporary glitches or errors. This can be done using specialized diagnostic tools available at authorized BMW service centers.
  • Adaptation reset: Some BMW models have adaptive systems that learn and adapt to the driver’s behavior or environmental conditions. In certain cases, resetting these adaptations can help recalibrate the system’s parameters for optimal performance.

It’s important to note that while a computer reset may resolve certain issues, it is not a universal solution for all problems. If you are experiencing persistent or significant issues with your BMW’s electronic systems, it’s recommended to consult with an authorized BMW service center or a qualified technician who can diagnose the specific problem and recommend the appropriate course of action.


You can save a lot of hassle if you know how to reset BMW computer after battery change. By following these steps, anyone can reset the computer of BMW cars without any hardship.