7 Best Used Cars For Uber Drivers

Driving for Uber or Grab is not what everyone can do. You have to uphold the patron’s placate, car’s stipulation, and your expenses at the same time. Well, buying the best used cars for Uber is an approach to get the best out of this business.

So, let’s check out the best automobile that is paramount for cab drivers.

What Are The Best Used Cars For Uber Drivers?

Here is the compilation of top 6 cars that are the best cars to buy for Uber.

1. Toyota Corolla

The 2000 and the newer version of Toyota Corolla are the perfect choice for picking the best used cars for Uber drivers with its well-used and comfortable interior space. The low maintained cost of this vehicle retains its resale value pretty well over the years. Also, its excellent fuel economy (depend on the model) makes it remain the most demanded car in the marketplace. Besides, its price is reasonable.

uber recommended cars
Selecting the Best used vehicles for Grab or Uber drivers, Source: Toyota 

However, it’s not sporty but is perfect for competent, comfortable, and credible use. The most fuel-efficient non-hybrid version-LE Eco gets about 35mpg combined while the rest models offer 32mpg combined.

2. Honda Civic

The affordable, mid-sized family car- Honda Civic offer the 33mpg combined which undoubtedly is the best choice for Grab or Uber drivers. It’s so amazing that the 2015 model of Honda Civic was even rated at 44 mpg and 47mpg highway. You can rely on this car as its inexpensive, fuel shipping and offer a bit more pleasure to the diver with its contented interior.

Sharp steering, solid brakes, and the stiff structure, what could be the best choice for an Uber or Grab driver? Nothing, right! The latest models of Honda Civic start from $18, 290 onwards.

3. Ford Fusion

This masterpiece is hard to miss. Although there is a hybrid model for fusion available in the market, you can buy this family sedan for the easy and precise handling. According to numerous car reviews from the customers, the stylish and comfortable seats on both front and back will make your clients happy.

best used cars for Uber
Explore Best used vehicles for Grab or Uber Drivers. Source: Ford

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Ford Fusion is featured with a wide range of engine including EcoBoost 4-cylinders available in hybrid and ‘Energi’ model. Rated up to 24 mpg city, and 36 mpg on the highway, the Ford Fusion has 8.8 /10 consumer rating.

4. Hyundai Sonata

Those drivers who don’t want to drain their money but still looking for the quality performance in a car, Hyundai Sonata is the one to buy now. This super affordable vehicle is cutting the price as compared to other vehicles by approximately $1000. The most dynamic body, 2.0 liters supercharged 4-cylinder, 1.6-liter 4-cylinder turbo, and 28 mpg city and 38 mpg highway ratings, this car are the real deal to have fir Grab or Uber drivers.

5.Toyota Highlander Hybrid

The rough roads demand a practical and tough vehicle. That’s what Toyota Highlander Hybrid is capable of achieving. With 28mpg in city and highway driving, frankly, this is the spectacular car of its size. Besides, the fact that this is the costly car in the list of the best used vehicles for Grab or Uber drivers. But, its efficiency and potential are making it worth buying.

6.Toyota Prius

If one has to bet on the performance and durability of a car, Toyota Prius is the one. The gas-powered car that is rated at 50 mpg highway/city combined the US Environmental Protection Agency and CARB (California Air Resources Board) rate the Prius among the cleanest vehicles. Moreover, this car is the spacious enough to adjust numbers of passengers and the luggage too.

Best used vehicles for Grab or Uber Drivers is Toyota Prius
One of Best used vehicles for Grab or Uber Drivers is Toyota Prius. Source: Toyota 

7. Huyndai Tucson

Another Uber recommended car is Hyundai Tucson which has got plenty of space, for both passengers and luggage. However, it’s also relatively efficient thanks to a combination 27 mpg for the front-wheel-drive model. The high ride height and available all-wheel drive also ensures that inclement weather doesn’t prevent you from cashing in on surge pricing – and there’s the visual impression of capability which will reassure passengers when you arrive in the rain in your SUV.

Before buying any of above, be sure to check the policies. Remember, whichever car you choose from the above list, as long as you care for the car it will give you the best results. So, now you know the best used cars for Uber Drivers in the market.