Best Nissan Cars: A List Based on Reliability

Nissan is one of the top car companies that manufacture a wide range of automobiles with innovative technology and competes with other high-profile car companies with its patented models. Some of the best Nissan cars were chosen by a larger group of people and made massive sales. 

Take a look at the list of models below to find out which Nissan is the best.

Top 10 Best Nissan Cars To Buy

Nissan cars are popular for their low price and fuel efficiency. It is suitable for car shoppers who do not have a huge budget. Let’s find out the list of the top 10 Nissan cars to buy.

Nissan Titan

The Nissan Titan is born to compete against trucks from Ford and GM, but it does not quite accomplish its mission. 

Its handling, steering, and ride are not as refined as the rivals. However, the Nissan Titan is still an appealing vehicle to buy for most buyers. 

Because it is reasonably priced and on top of the standard S and SV equipment in comparison with similarly equipped competitors. 

This package adds dual-zone climate control, parking sensors, the NissanConnect system with navigation, the larger 70-inch touchscreen, and heated front seats.

nissan old models
The mid-level Titan SV with the Convenience package is highly recommended. (Photo: The New York Times)

Nissan Versa

Spacious seats and a large trunk are the Nissan Versa strong points over other rivals. There are two options, sedan and hatchback body types with the most affordably priced new cars on the market. If you are wondering “Are Nissans good cars?”, then the answer is no.

The Nissan Versa is designed to be as affordable as possible with a standard vehicle’s look and full of low-grade materials.

However, Versa offers a comfy ride and good fuel economy so if you are a driver for either Lyft or Uber this car could be a considerable ideal based on such obvious commercial reasons.

nissan old car models
Versa offers a comfy ride and good fuel economy. (Photo: Auto Trends Magazine)

Nissan Versa Note

The Nissan Versa Note is the hatchback version of the subcompact Versa sedan which is known simply as the Versa hatchback. 

A new name was given to Versa when the redesigned model bowed in 2014. Roomy interior, good fuel economy, and astonishing low base price once again are advantages of this Nissan car model. However, it is not a top pick among small hatchbacks. 

Honda Fit and Kia Soul are better rivals with a wider range of talents. If you are looking for a cheap, economical, and spacious hatchback, Nissan Versa Note will not disappoint you.

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Nissan Sentra

Among the best Nissan cars to buy, the Nissan Sentra used to be one of the best choices available for a long period in the past since 1982. 

This car offers two rows of adult-friendly seats, an easy-to-use infotainment system, and a large trunk. Besides, decent gas mileage and smooth ride are good points of the Nissan Sentra. 

However, it is not outstanding from the crowd.

nissan cars old models
The Nissan Sentra used to be one of the best choices available for a long period. (Photo: Car and Driver)

Nissan Frontier

For customers who do not need the greater towing and hauling abilities of a full-size pickup, the Nissan Frontier has been a popular choice. 

The Frontier has equipped four-cylinder or V6 engines in a rugged yet livable package since its debut. In comparison with the original one the current truck is bigger and more powerful. 

It could be considered more of a midsize pickup than a compact.

pic/ alt: what is the best nissan car

Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke has a similarity in size to Nissan’s smallest hatchback, the Versa Note. What makes it compete against other manufacturers’ small crossover SUVs is its tall profile and available all-wheel drive. 

The Juke offers a small 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that cranks out a strong 188 horsepower and 177 pound-feet of torque. 

You will find it good fun to drive a Nissan Juke because the turbocharged four-cylinder engine is energetic and capable of brisk acceleration.

Some might see it as sporty-looking and distinctive, while others find it to look like a horned lizard. The Juke is still one of Nissan’s best-selling models.

nicest nissan car
The Nissan Juke has a similarity in size to Nissan’s smallest hatchback. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Nissan NV 200

In the list of best Nissan cars to buy, the Nissan NV 200 is a compact cargo van offering big-time versatility in a tidy little package. 

The NV 200 is a bit less spacious than its main competitor, the Ford Transit Connect, with only about 122 cubic feet of cargo space. The Nissan NV 200 is available in S and SV trims. 

The S provides 40/60-split rear cargo doors, power windows, manual sliding side doors, and a two-speaker audio system with an auxiliary input jack. 

With light steering and a reasonably compliant ride, it is quite pleasant to drive an NV 200.

best nissan to buy
The NV 200 is a bit less spacious than its main competitor, the Ford Transit Connect. (Photo: XEZii)

Nissan Altima

Being on sale for more than two decades the Nissan Altima is a smallish midsize sedan and maturing into the full-fledged family sedan it is today. 

There have been five generations of Nissan Altima so far. The third one marked a key shift to mainstream dimensions and specifications. 

One of the outstanding points of Altima is the fun-to-drive character. Besides, finesse and frugality are the reasons for making Altima a top pick in this popular segment.

old nissan car models
The Altima is being on sale for more than two decades. (Photo: Car and Driver)

Nissan Rogue

Like other compact crossovers selling on the market nowadays, the Nissan Rogue seeks to provide all-weather capability and command the driving position of an SUV. 

Moreover, it tries to complete the maneuverability and fuel efficiency of a typical car. It does this mission quite well. The Nissan Rogue also offers an available third-row seat and a roomy interior with a large cargo hold. 

best nissan model
The Nissan Rogue seeks to provide all-weather capability. (Photo:

Nissan Quest

The Nissan Quest is a minivan powered by a 3.5-liter V6 making 260 horsepower. There was no noticeable point in the two first generations until the third. 

The third one made a huge leap ahead in terms of styling and performance. The most competitive model of Nissan Quest is the newest and latest fourth-generation with bold styling, interior refinement, and smooth V6/continuously variable transmission. 

That places it firmly in consideration among the leaders of the pack: the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna. That is why Nissan Quest is on our list of best Nissan cars to buy today!

which nissan model is the best
The Nissan Quest is a minivan powered by a 3.5-liter V6 making 260 horsepower. (Photo: Car and Driver)

Hope that with our list of best Nissan cars above, you can find your best-suited model for your need and desire. For more Car review, follow Car From Japan today!