6 interesting things about the Toyota Raum in Tanzania

The Toyota Raum, one of the most imported cars from Japan is increasingly becoming a common sight on the streets of Tanzania. At some point you wonder whether the car is a freebie or it’s actually for sale. You cannot move barely five minutes without seeing one. But what exactly is it with this car that has made it a common sight in Dar es Salaam and other parts of Tanzania? Carfromjapan.com explores why.


In the first place, the Toyota Raum is one of the most affordable cars in the region. To many first time car owners in Tanzania, this comes in handy whether accessed by self-importing or picked it up from the bond.

Small yet big

Two, the idea of having something small yet big is what drives many Tanzanians to run in for the Toyota Raum. It has a relatively spacious interior and broader boot. It is capable of working as a family car with ample room for any additional merchandise on board. Actually the term “raum” reminds me of a German word “raum” which means space or room. For many Tanzanian Raum owners, size is one of the key factors why they buy it.

Attractive aesthetics

Although embraced by men, women find this little car appealing because of its attractive custom colors, and a fancy look. So for a typical Tanzanian Msichana – lady the Toyota Raum is a dream come true. It is the kind of a car that does not segregate between occasions. You can go with it at university, park it outside your work place, and still show up with it at a friend’s wedding party without having to regret about anything.

Value for money

With a Raum, it being a car in high demand, owning one guarantees you a high resale value whenever you feel like selling. Many Raum owners testify to this. Some sell their Raum cars only to upgrade to the latest model.

Low fuel consumption

Additionally, for many Raum owners in Tanzania, they pride in the car’s fuel efficiency which is a typical attribute for most small cars as well.

Other attributes

Conclusively, the Toyota Raum just like any other modern car comes with other attributes like air conditioning, airbags, parking sensors and a few other standard attributes of a modern car. So the next time you storm the streets on Tanzania, do not wonder why, the car is simply on vogue.

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