Why Do Most AutoRickshaw Drivers Sit On the Edge Of Their Seats?

Many passengers while traveling in an auto rickshaw wonder about the driver not sitting in the middle of the seat. They sit on either the left or the right side of the seat but never sit in the center. It has people asking why autorickshaw drivers follow this peculiar stance when driving on the roads. Is it for good luck, better control of the vehicle or something else?

Why Do Auto Rickshaw Drivers Sit on the Edge Of The Seat – Know Here In Detail

Before there were Ola and Uber cab services, the auto dropped people from their homes to the office. Couples used to take autos to meet, and these ruled the streets with their style of driving and swag. Watching an auto driver sitting on the edge of their seats has many passengers wondering as to why they do this. We will provide you with the reasons as to why auto drivers follow this peculiar style of driving.

The Learning Phase

During the starting time of autorickshaw drivers, when they are learning to drive they have a person sitting on one of the sides. The other person is the individual teaching them how to drive efficiently. It is the reason why autorickshaw drivers sit on either left or right side while driving on the road.

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Extra Space

When sitting on either the left or the right side of the seat, auto rickshaw drivers manage to save some space. It provides them an opportunity to have an extra passenger on the side for earning a little extra. One extra passenger sitting on the front seat with the driver does not make it a big deal. Auto drivers sit on either side of the seat to provide the new passenger extra space.

The Engine

It is comfortable for the autorickshaw drivers to sit comfortably in the middle of the seat during winters. With the scorching heat in summers, the story is a bit different. The intense heat released by the auto engine makes it hard for the driver to sit in the middle. It is why auto drivers change their position frequently while driving. You can search online to find the best maintenance tips for your vehicle.

Blowing the Horn

Some passengers are not aware that the autos driving around the towns today were not the first ones. The earlier models of auto rickshaws had a horn placed separately outside of the auto. The driver had to reach his arm to one side of the auto to blow the horn. They still sit on either side of the seat out of this habit.

The Swag

One solid reason to laugh about why autorickshaw drivers sit on either side of the seat is the traffic. During peak traffic hours, all it takes for someone to start swearing is when all of a sudden another vehicle swerves in the front to cut to the wrong side. It gives an excuse to the auto drivers to yell and tell the other driver to move fast.

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If you wonder as to why autorickshaw drivers sit on either side of the seat while driving. The information above would help you understand this particular style of driving.