Are Wheel Spacers Good or Bad?

Does wheel spacer affect car handling? Does this component affect the suspended geometry? With all these questions, it does raise a doubt that is wheel spacers good or bad. Moreover, how does it affect the handling?

Well, this is a debatable question, therefore to find the answer let’s first comprehend the wheel spacers pros and cons.

Are Wheel Spacers Good or Bad for Your Vehicle?

Before plunging into the advantages and disadvantages of wheel spacers, one must note that it popularly serve the purpose of adding extra width to the wheel track. Some people find it as a way of improving the car’s grip and handling while others believe that it poses more risk and dangers.

To get the relevant answer, explore both the advantages and disadvantages of using wheel spacers.

1. Benefits of Wheel Spacers

1.1 Improve Car Handling

To achieve better vehicle stability especially, during the car’s cornering and turning, people tend to use wheel spacers. Responsible for creating space for the wheels, this component causes the tires to move further apart. As a result, the vehicle’s weight is distributed equally on all the four wheels, enhancing the car’s handling.

1.2 Improve the Incorrect Offset

Sometimes, the new rims don’t fit exactly due to their improper size. Nevertheless, this issue can be resolved using wheel spacers, as it will set the wheel much forward and can even operate the inside fender liner. Besides this, the problem of rim hitting the control arms, coilovers, or suspension can also be fixed easily, using the correct wheel spacers.

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1.3 Enhance the Appearance

Apart from better handling and relevant offset, if you wish to give the car an aggressive or manly look, the wheel spacers will give that appearance to your car. Indeed, they make the wheels push outside, which indirectly enhance the vehicle’s stance.

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2. The Downside to Wheel Spacers

Moving closer towards the wheel spacers good or bad result, let’s find out its disadvantages now.

2.1 Wheel Bearing Premature Failure

Using the wheel spacers mean breaking the contact between the ball bearing and the wheels. And, because of this sizing, the wheel bearing life may shorten or in the worst scenario, can lead to premature failure.

2.2 Increase Inner Fender-Well Clearance and Scrub Radius

Wheel spacers enhance the appearance of your car

With the extension of the car’s track width due to the wheel spacers, the inner fender-well clearance, and the scrub radius also increases. As a result, the driver has to put more effort while turning the car, which causes the steering wheel to recenter itself quickly.

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2.3 Cause Accidents

Safety is another primary concern that arises due to the improper installation of wheel spacers. In simple words, the bad installation of wheel spacers by a non-professional can interrupt the bending of the wheel stud, due to the inadequate circling of torque.

All about wheel spacers good or bad
Know whether wheel spacers good or bad for your car

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Finally, the debate – is wheel spacers good or bad, boils down to you, and your vehicle. And in this regard, it is essential to seek the advice from a trained technician and find out the wheel spacers pros and cons on your car along with the maintenance tips.