What Is A Tuneup And Do Modern Cars Need it?

Tuneup is the term that being a car owner you may have heard at least once. Many of you who own cars from this generation even get confused if your car can do well with a tuneup kit or not. Well, to clarify what is a tuneup kit and if your car needs it, we are going to provide the guidance here. Let’s continue reading and find it out-

What Is A TuneUp? The Answer

A tuneup or tuneup kit, as its name implies, is a collection of tools or supplies that are needed in your car as a replacement. After covering thousands of miles, the parts wear off, and the most common one is sparks plug. In this case, a tuneup kit comes as a great help, so you do not wait for a passing car and ask for help.

When you have the kit already, you can replace the spark plug anytime. Additionally, the package includes tools, too, such as:

  • Ignition Wires
  • O2 sensors
  • Air filter
  • Cabin air filters
  • Spark plugs
what is a tuneup? Do you know what it is?
When you have the kit already, you can replace the spark plug anytime (Photo Source: kernsauto)

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A tuneup kit is supposed to bestow the car with the level of performance that gets delivered by the manufacturer. By the time, you experience a downfall in performance, and at that stage, a tuneup kit helps to maintain the default performance level.

Do Modern Cars Need A Tuneup Kit?

Now that you have an idea about what is a tuneup, let’s see if modern cars need a tuneup or not.

As cars possess the latest technologies and tools, the need for a tuneup kit has compromised. The reason is that modern cars do not have a distributor system as old cars. The use of coil on plug ignition systems keeps the need of changing the spark plug at bay.

Cars that work on gasoline engines use spark plugs made of iridium, and because of the sturdiness of the metal, cars owners do not feel the need to change the spark plug ever.

Thus, we can say, modern cars if do not eliminate the usage of a tuneup kit, they surely reduce it to a great extent. The rest depends on the engine of your car and the recommendations from your manufacturer.

what is a tuneup? and why do you need it?
The reason is that modern cars do not have a distributor system as old cars (Photo Source: pxhere)

All in all, in modern cars, you can perform functions like changing the air filter if it is worn, changing the oil timely, and check for the hoses of the radiator for any cracks. All these tasks can be easy enough for a DIYer; for a serious issue, you should take your car to a professional repairer. Have a look at these Maintenance Tips and follow the guidance to keep your car performing well.

Determine If You Need A Tuneup

Automobiles that justify the need for a tuneup can be looked for the following symptoms. Use these signs to know if your car needs a tuneup:

  • If you are experiencing decreased fuel economy
  • In case you hear a sound while accelerating
  • If the engine light blinks or shows when the engine is on
  • Any unusual behavior
what is a tuneup? Read it now
There are some signs to look for (Photo Source: advanceautoparts)


Having a tuneup kit can save you money in the long run, especially if you own a car from the 90s or if your manufacturer recommends it. In another case, if your car features a modern engine, no tuneup kit is necessary. While ending it here, we hope you understand what is a tuneup; perform an engine or manual check now and have it clear.