How Often Does A Car Need A Tune Up? Mystery Revealed

These days, there is a hot debate on whether to regularly tune up the car or not. Changing oils and filters regularly is necessary, but tune up is still the crucial factor. The modern technology automobiles do not ask for maintenance much frequently. Some vehicles not even need servicing for a long time. But waiting for the worst to happen would not be a wise decision. The traditional vehicles require regular maintenance to avoid sudden stops and other damages. You might have the question for how often does a car need a tune up. Why not find the answer to this?

Let us discuss some more on car tune up and maintenance.

How Often Does A Car Need A Tune Up?

The traditional vehicles ask for customary repairing and service due to old parts. The old cars have carburetors, condensers, rotors, points, and components. It is not the same in modern vehicles. The modern vehicles have special computers working as the chief control unit. These computers keep the car running for long efficiently. The latest technology detects any faulty parts in the car and informs the driver with various signals.

Tuning up the car is essential once you got the red signal. It is so to avoid the maintenance charges that might cost you to fortune. Maintaining the car in good shape is imperative to save you higher bucks in the long run.

Let us talk about the signs that identify your car needs a tune up.

1. Faulty Spark Plugs

There might be an issue with the spark plug if engine freezes suddenly. Faulty spark plugs cause misfiring and even affect the fuel economy.  Spark plugs play a lead role by providing an electric spark to the engine. Replacement of defective spark plugs comes first when considering how often does a car need a tune up. You cannot drive a car if the spark plugs are out of order.

How often does a car need a tune up? Find Out
How often does a car need a tune up? The Definitive Way (Photo Source: pixabay)

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2. Weird Noises

Weird noises coming from the engine is a sign of new troubles in the vehicle. You do not need to ask does my car need a tune up or not anymore. It is a true indication of components damaging in the engine. According to the expert maintenance tips, one should not avoid any strange noises in the vehicle.

3. Fuel Or Air Filter

Filters offer smoothness to the vehicle. You need to keep things in good shape. Replacing air or fuel filters during tune up would be a good choice.These filters protect the engine and components from dust and debris.

4. Warning Lights

The modern vehicles indicate signals when there is something wrong with the car. No matter it is the corroded battery or worn-out belts. One should not avoid the warning lights and take the car to tune up regularly.

How often does a car need a tune up? The Ultimate Guide
How often does a car need a tune up? The Guide (Photo Source: pixabay)

The Takeaway

All in all, hope you have the answer for how often does a car need a tune up now. Make sure to follow the same and keep your car in good shape for long.