What Causes Rust on Cars- Let’s Find Out!

At some point in life, if you spot rust on car’s surface, your heart will surely pound thousand times in a minute. Being an unavoidable sign of an aging vehicle, rust is something- you will never wish to see on your beloved car.Therefore, all those who do not want to encounter and deal with this problem, it’s wise to understand- what causes rust on cars. (Video about how to repair rust on your car below)

What Causes Rust on Cars- The 4 Common Reasons!

Rust is the oxidation product of the steel that may spoil the look of your expensive and adoring vehicle. Also, capable of reducing the car’ life, it is the worst nightmare for every car owner. Unfortunately, rust can happen to any car at any time. That’s why examining the car for rust should be the crucial part of your car maintenance. And, if you’re curious to know what causes rust on the car in the first place, then consider the information below.

 1. Disregard or Neglect

One of the most obvious reasons for cars to rust is the “Careless attitude.” Yes, you read it right! As some people due to lack of time or laziness, fail to clean their car. In the worst scenario, they leave it even in an open area, which makes it easy for the rust to attack and grow.

Besides this, neglecting the periodic car’s maintenance may burn a huge hole in your pocket later. So, always be sure to take it to a nearby professional car service station, once you spot the signs of rust. Indeed, regular car maintenance can even help more by ensuring that there’s no potential rust issue.

what causes rust on cars
what causes rust on cars it will spoil the look of your expensive and adoring vehicle

2. Region

Rusted car by seawater
Rusted car by seawater

Everyone knows that salty seawater ruins all type of metallic objects. And, if exposed or left uncovered- these metallic objects may soon develop rust-kind surface.

Thus, if you are residing in any of the coastal regions, your favorite car is more likely to develop rust due to the tremendous content of salt in the humid air near the ocean.

To understand, more on what causes rust on cars, read ahead.

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3. Salt

Using salt to melt ice on car
Using salt to melt ice on car

In the colder region, many people use salt to remove ice and snow from their vehicles. However, they’re unaware that salt rusts their car when it comes in direct contact with the water.  The melting snow actually allows the salt to enter into corners of the vehicle.

Thus, it stays on vehicle’s underbody and causes the car to rust over time.

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 4. Weather Conditions

As discussed earlier, car exposed to varied and extreme climatic conditions is more prone to rusting than the one kept in usual weather conditions. It mainly occurs during the presence of electrolyte, anode, and cathode in the same zone. In simple words, the car act as cathode and anode while water is an electrolyte; hence, creating the conditions for the car to become rust-infested.

That’s why during the rain metal develops rust eventually. Exposed to rainwater, the car metal oxidizes and if there are any scratches or chips, the process of growing rust will speed up.

what causes rust on cars
what causes rust on cars it easy for the rust to attack and grow.

Inferring the points of what causes rust on cars; it’s time to observe the vehicle minutely from all sides. And, if you spot any rust dots, get the car repaired immediately.

Check out this video to know the way to repair rust on your car without special tools.

 If you have any question about car or what you should do with your beloved vehicles, don’t hesitate to leave a comment for our car experts below. We will answer your question and give some advice for you as soon as possible.