4 Facts to Consider When You Change Color of Car

Giving a new look to a car is a great idea. The best way to do it is by changing the color of your car. To change color of car, consider a few facts in mind. A new color will give a trendy look to the car, making it more appealing than before.

Facts to Consider When You Change Color of Car   

Changing the color of a car needs some analyses. You need to look into all the parameters before taking the plunge. Here are 4 facts to consider before changing the color.

1. An Expensive Deal 

Steps to change color of car
Change color of car in the right way. Source: HotCars

When changing the entire color of your vehicle, you must know that it can be an expensive deal. Unless you are looking for nothing more than the cheapest paint shops, painting a car is expensive. However, there are chances that you have to pay $1500 to $5000 to give a trendy look to the car.

Moreover, spending some extra dollars gives a high-quality finish that lasts for years.

2. Resale Value  

Whether or not to change color of car depends on the car or truck you have and its worth. It’s true that repainting affects the value of the car. And in most cases the outcome of repainting is negative. No matter how bad the old color of the car looks, the new color will certainly decrease the value of the car. When it comes to antique vehicles, the value reduces to a minimum of 20%. It’s too much!

Another important thing to consider is how long you want to keep the vehicle. If you love your vehicle and want to enjoy driving the new color, it’s a great thing to do. In case you are planning to sell your car, repainting is not commendable.


3. Need to Completely Remove Everything

When completely changing the color of the car, in the right way, the paint expert will take everything out of the vehicle. In fact, for an extensive paint color, the paint expert removes the engine as well. In addition to this, the paint shop removes the seats, dashboard, and small pieces of trim. Perhaps this is the reason why a better shop charges more for painting a car.

While cheap shops omit only the essential things and just paint the car on the outside.

4. Consumes Time

Technology for change color of car
Steps involved in the process of change color of car. Source: DIY Auto Service

In the repainting of a car, at first, the paint shop cleans the current color coat. In case, the vehicle has dents or any other imperfections, the expert repair these faults. Secondly, the paint shop removes wax and clear coat and then scuffs up the surface before using the primer. Performing all these tasks take time and hence, repainting consumer a lot of time.

When you change color of car, these facts are imperative to consider. In addition to these facts, after repainting the car, keep certain maintenance tips in mind. Although several people choose to repaint for their car, it is better to analyze the relevant pros and cons.

Make sure you drive a car that looks great.