How to Remove Scratches from Windshield: A How-to Guide

What could be the most unsightly thing and potentially dangerous too in a beautiful car? Well, nothing could beat scratches on the windshield or windows! A graze on the body paint comes closer, but it in no way causes an accident. How to remove scratches from windshield? Can you even fix this problem or have to change the glass?

How to Remove Scratches from Windshield?

A scuff or cut on the windshield obstructs the sight of vision at the time of driving. Also, even a hairline crack can turn into a full-blown laceration over time. Once that happens, you have no other way except for replacing the windscreen, which is expensive.

What to do? You can just fix the chip or crack so it does not get bigger. Remember that it’s not possible to repair a deep graze, anything deeper than 50 microns. How do you know that it’s technically fixable? If the crack catches your fingernail, it’s too deep to be repaired at home. If that’s not the case, follow these methods:

For Light Scratches

Using an acrylic scratch remover to fill in a light scuff or crack is the easiest answer to your problem of how to remove scratches from windshield. You have to apply this liquid to the affected areas and rub with a wet microfiber cloth or a super fine sandpaper (600-grit or more). It will look transparent when dry hard and conceal the damage with a protective layer.

windshield scratch repair
Use microfiber towel to rub the damaged area with the chemical. Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

But, this chemical is not available at many local stores. In that case, you can use a glass scrub product (such as Glass Science Glass Scrub). It is mainly used for erasing persistent stains and grime. However, it also works just fine for fixing light cracks on the windscreen.

Wrap your hand in a damp microfiber towel, pour some liquid on it, and rub the damaged area. Work on a small section (if the crack is a big one) at a time and maintain even pressure throughout. It’s an abrasive ingredient that will cut through the surface in case of direct application.

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For Deep Scratches

Cerium oxide is a great solution for fixing deep scratches. These are still less than 50 microns but deeper than just a light graze on the surface. The chemical ingredient is mainly used in ceramics and jewelry industries for its low-abrasive nature. It’s good for polishing metal, ceramic, and glass items.

how to remove scratches from windshield
Use a drill to apply pressure. Source:

Add water to the powdered cerium oxide to make a paste with semi-liquid consistency. Apply it to the scratched area. A hand drill with an attached hard rubber polishing wheel will come handy in this case. Use it to polish the area where cerium oxide is used. The whole process needs patience and consistent application of the paste and polishing. Be careful about the consistency of the mixture and the amount of the pressure applied by the drill. The reward will be a clean, scratch-free windscreen that provides a clear vision while driving.