The Ultimate Car Cleaning Hack: Remove Car Rust with Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is a time tested hack, and people who do remove car rust with Coca-Cola swear by it. It is one handy hack, especially when it comes to chrome finish surfaces.

Coca-Cola may be a Western entity, but it’s a name that is recognized worldwide. However, apart from its great taste, there are scores of other things that so many people use it for.

From cleaning toilet bowls to getting greasy stains of fabrics, to cleaning car rust, all lies in between. It is a usual phenomenon for old car bumpers and wheels to get rusty. 

Well, for those who haven’t done it yet, you must know that there is pure science behind it. It does the job effectively, and this blog post will tell you how so that you can add it to your list of maintenance tips.

How to Remove Car Rust with Coca-Cola

Here is why Coca-Cola is the ultimate weapon against car rust:

Since it is carbonated, it can dissolve with metal oxides to break rust and remove tarnish from several metals and their alloys.

It has citric acid which is known to remove stains. It also has phosphoric acid that can remove rust.

Remove Car rust with Coca-Cola steps
Follow how to remove car rust with Coca-Cola. (Photo: SixtyfiveFord)

Things You Will Need


Take a can or a bottle full that is a bit flat, so that it doesn’t fizz out right away. We prefer Diet Coke because it isn’t sticky like regular ones. So, once done removing rust, you don’t need to spend a lot of time washing the stickiness off.

Sponge/Aluminum Foil

A lot of people prefer sponge because it doesn’t scratch the chrome finish. Aluminum foil, however, is a better alternative since you need to apply less labor with it. At the same time, aluminum foil isn’t hard and so doesn’t scratch the surface.

Rags for Cleaning

If you are using regular Coca-Cola, the stickiness will be wholesale. But, even if you are using diet coke, you will still have some stickiness on the car surface and the bumpers. Also, because of the color of Coke, you will need a rug to wipe off frequently.

Soap and Water for Washing – For washing the surface clean

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The Procedure to Remove Car Rust with Coca-Cola

The procedure is very simple and takes only a few minutes along with very little effort. You must use it typically for cars, buses, or trucks with rusted chrome finish bumpers or wheels.

Remove Car rust with Coca-Cola in few minutes
You can remove car rust with Coca-Cola with some little effort. (Photo: MINNESOTA PRAIRIE ROOTS)

Fold the foil into 3-4 layers so that it doesn’t tear while you scrub. Simply pour some Coca-Cola on the surface and start scrubbing. Since the action is almost immediate, you don’t need to wait even for a few minutes. 

As you scrub you will see the rust come off onto the foil. As you go, keep wiping the surface with a rag so that no debris is left.

Repeat the process until the entire bumper is clean. Now make sure that you wash the surface thoroughly with soap and water. You will be astounded to see that it will shine like new. This one is, in fact, one of the most awesome car life hacks.

FAQs on Remove Car Rust with Coca-Cola

  1. How does Coca-Cola remove rust from a car?

The phosphoric acid in Coca-Cola reacts with the rust, loosening its grip on the metal surface. Scrubbing with a cloth or brush enhances the process.

  1. Is Coca-Cola a safe and effective alternative to traditional rust removers?

Coca-Cola can work for light surface rust, but professional rust removers may be more effective for severe cases. It’s generally safer than harsh chemicals.

  1. What types of rust can Coca-Cola remove?

Coca-Cola is best suited for light rust on non-critical parts. Extensive or structural rust may require professional treatment.

  1. How do I use Coca-Cola to remove rust from my car?

Pour Coca-Cola onto the rusty area, let it soak, scrub with a cloth or brush, and rinse. Repeat if necessary. Protective gear is advisable.

  1. Are there risks to using Coca-Cola on car rust?

While relatively safe, excessive use could damage paint or cause stickiness. Proper rinsing and drying are important.

  1. Can Coca-Cola damage the car’s paint?

Prolonged exposure or vigorous scrubbing may affect paint. Careful application and prompt rinsing can mitigate risks.

  1. How long does it take for Coca-Cola to remove rust?

The time varies depending on rust severity. It may take several applications and some time for noticeable results.

  1. Are there other household items that can remove rust?

Yes, items like vinegar or baking soda can also help remove rust, though their effectiveness may differ.

  1. Can Coca-Cola prevent future rusting?

Coca-Cola’s rust removal is temporary. Applying a rust inhibitor or protective coating after cleaning can help prevent future rust.

  1. Should I seek professional help for rust removal?

For extensive rust or critical areas, professional help is recommended. They have the expertise and tools to address severe rust issues.

So, no need to spend big bucks of rust removal now. Simply remove car rust with Coca-Cola in no time. Finding a used car from reliable sellers from Japan? Here are the best deals for you!