Change Car Battery Easily with these Six Simple Steps

Just like every other part in a car, your car’s battery also has a set life. This is why changing battery is not only a vital part of maintaining old cars, but also for relatively new cars. While most batteries last an average three to five years, bad car habits can shorten this span. In any case, if you are headed to change car battery, it doesn’t need to be a rocket science.

Battery Replacement: How to DIY in 6 Easy Steps

You can follow a few simple steps, along with some precautions, and do it perfectly well on your own. But, before you do, there are some important things that you will need.

Things You Will Need to Change Car Battery

1. Replacement battery (the one that is recommended in your car owner’s manual)

2. Latex/rubber gloves

3. Glasses for protecting your eyes

4. 0-14 mm socket and extension bar

5. Old blanket/sheet

6. Rags

Let’s see how changing your car’s battery can be as easy as changing a car tire within minutes.

Steps to Safely Change Car Battery

Step 1: Start with the Bonnet

Once you have all these things in place, start with opening the bonnet. Now, locate the battery in the bonnet. It is a good idea to have your car’s handbook for reference in case of any confusion.

Step 2: It’s All about Positive and Negative

Now locate both positive (+ve) and negative (-ve) terminals. You will see black wires running along the –ve, and red along the +ve.

You will see a clamp-like retaining nut on the positive terminal. Pull it away, ensuring that it does not touch the -ve terminal.

Change car battery for the safety of the car
Change car battery to avoid accidents (photo source: Charles Sparkes/Youtube)

Now cover the positive terminal securely with a rag. This will protect you from electric shock and/or short circuit due to opposite charges coming in contact with each other.

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Step 3: Making Sure You don’t Forget the Negative

Now, repeat the same process with the negative terminal, covering it the same way like the +ve.

Make sure to cover the wing of the car with an old blanket. This way, you won’t end up scratching it while you change the battery. It will also protect it in case of any acid spills.

Step 4: Loosen and Release

Now, locate the securing bolt and loosen it with the socket. It is usually found on the side of the battery pretty down low. This is the bolt that holds the battery in place. You can also use a spanner to loosen it.

Unfasten the battery from its place. Remove the clamp that is securing the battery and carefully lift it out vertically. Remember that the battery has quite some weight. So, keep your grip strong. If you are not sure that you can lift it up, do care to ask help from someone who can help you change car battery.

Step 5: Replacing the Old with the New

Keep the old battery aside. Lift the new battery vertically and put right where you picked the old battery from. Now, take the battery securing clamp and put it in place by securing the bolt tightly.

Step 6: It’s about Positives and Negatives All Over Again

Remove the rags from the positive terminal and connect it first, and the negative later. Secure each tightly, making sure they do not come in contact with each other.

Now, also put the covers back and voila!

Some Important Precautions

Remember, whether it’s a manual drive or an automatic, taking precautions is must.

Don’t fit an old battery. Different cars have different battery specifications.

Dispose the old battery responsibly

Keep your car stereo reset code handy (in the owner’s manual) because it will be reset, along with the clock.

If you find any difficulty along the way, don’t take matters entirely in your hands. Call a qualified mechanic to change car battery.