9 Shocking Driving Tips For Fuel Saving

Fuel-efficiency is a problem that every driver is dealing, especially when the gas price increases every day. To help you save more money, auto experts from Car From Japan give you some awesome fuel saving tips as below. Let’s check them out:

Surefire Tricks For Fuel Saving You Should Know

When car is significantly becoming a popular transportation, fuel saving is essential for car owners. In this post, we will cover 9 driving tips for fuel saving.

1. Drive At Normal Speed

Maintain normal speed save more energy for driver (photo source: AutoPortal)

In freeways, the fuel consumption when driving under and above 100 km/h are very different. Sudden acceleration and braking can consume 40% more of your energy. So the patience driver will always receive a lower gas bills. Instead of continuity braking and accelerating, the driving tip is to understand the traffic in front and remain the normal speed.

2. Check Tire Pressures

checking tire pressure
Flat tire consumes a lot fuel (photo source: Douglas Automotive)

It is recommended to check your car tire pressures at least once every month. The lower the pressure, the more gas the vehicle needs to move on the road. Good tire condition is a requirement for energy saving, since it helps the engine runs smoothly.

3. Don’t Carry Too Much Weight

driver bring suitcases
Only bring along necessary luggage (photo source: Shutterstock)

A car is like your body: it requires more fuel to carry more weight. With every 50 kg of luggage, it will consume 2% more fuel than normal. So if it is unnecessary, drivers should avoid bringing many heavy items.

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4. Keep Air Filter Clean

Air filter
Cleaning air filter is essential (photo source: Hotcars)

It is important for car owners to check air filter condition regularly, since a broken air filter will consume 10% more energy. In order to check this car part, drivers can examine it after washing it carefully. If the sunlight can go through the air filter, drivers should change to a new one.

If the filter gets congestion regularly, it is also suggested to replace a new air filter to make sure the air purification is clear and fuel is saved.

5. Shut Down Engine When Not Using

car turned off
Turn off the engine to save the fuel (photo source: Vhe.co.uk)

When the vehicle stops or is not working for a long time, it is wise to shut down the engine to reduce unnecessary gas consumption. It is also to avoid heating engine for too long, which also affects the environment.

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6. Use Cruise Control

cruise control
Cruise control can also be used to save fuel (photo source: TNKfreePaul(TNK프리오토)/Youtube)

Cruise Control is an automatic speed control system designed for safety and maximize fuel efficiency.For example, when driving 112 km/h on the freeway, the system will calculate and adjust car parts to maintain the speed.

Adaptive Cruise is another method for fuel saving. The system will automatically keep your car at the right distance with in front and behind vehicles using radar.

7. Schedule Your Trip

Schedule route car
Schedule the way before going will reduce fuel consumption (photo source: Autogids)

Before going anywhere, it is necessary to calculate the traveling road and time to avoid getting lost and fuel consumption. If you need to go to many places to pick up many people, it is ideal to schedule the road, combine all the small trips into a big one for a gas saving.

8. Turn The AC Off If Possible

Turn Air Conditioner
Car air conditioner consumes a lot of fuel (photo source: Master Mechanic)

If the weather is comfortable, car owners is suggested to turn off the air conditioner. This will helps fuel efficiency since the car AC usually consume 10% of the energy.

However, at the speed of 80 km/h, using air conditioner is better for your vehicle than opening windows.

9. Fuel And Fuel Pumping

Fuel saving: Pump gas
Pumping car at the right time saves more fuel than other time (photo source: Edie.net)

Always keep an eye on the fuel type which your car gonna use, since it not only saves the energy but also save your vehicle engines.

Fuel pumping is an important technique and sometimes, a small trick can help drivers to pump more fuel. The right time to pump fuel is in early morning or late afternoon, since the fuel will be thicker than normal. It is essential not to pump too full to avoid leaking gas.

Check out this video to know more tips on saving fuel:

Hopefully 9 awesome tips will help you in saving fuel for your car. If you have any question, leave us a comment in the box below.