5 Awesome Car Life Hacks – Everything you need to know

Sometimes, people spend too much money in auto service centers for car repair and maintenance. Most minor problems are actually DIY jobs that can save lots of bucks. If you are an enthusiastic motorhead, it won’t be hard for you to figure out some cool car life hacks that will offer an enjoyable driving experience and make some annoying problems to go away in a flash.

Car Life Hacks for an Easier Driving Life

These tips will help you get rid of some annoying problems when professional service is not available.

1. Defrost the key holes with hand sanitizer

The winter season takes a test of your driving skill, and sometimes forces you to be a modern-day MacGyver! It’s frustrating when you have just gone for picking up the groceries, and the keyholes have already been jammed because of snow. A bottle of hand sanitizer will not only keep your hands clean, but the alcohol used in it will melt the ice too!

2. Use colored plastic sheets for shade anywhere

The glare of the sun is a distraction and causes strain on the eye. Many vehicles have sun visor, but it’s fixed at a specific spot above the windshield. Use plastic sheets on the windscreen when the visor isn’t enough to prevent the sunlight. You won’t have to deal with any messy sticker or anything else to clean up later.


car repair and maintenance
The plastic sheet will prevent the sunlight. (photo source: M3)

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3. Repair light scrapes and grazes with nail polish

Fixing even a minor scratch can be unbelievably expensive. Nail polish can be handy in that case. Just find one that matches the color of the vehicle and then paint on the scratch carefully. You can also lightly sand the place with a sandpaper and the give the finishing touch by applying a car polisher.

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4. Clean the headlights with toothpaste

It’s one of the easiest car life hacks. Rub a little paste all over the exterior of the headlights and rinse with clean water after a while. It will wash off the frosty layer on the cover. You can further apply some car wax to keep the lights clear for a long time.

car cleaning
Toothpaste will make the headlights clearer. (photo source: Hoobitron @ Youtube)

5. Scrub the air vents with a small foam brush

A piece of cloth is typically enough for car cleaning, but it cannot reach every nook and corner of the interiors. A foam brush can remove the dust inside the air vents. It goes deep inside the vents and picks up all the dust. It’s also handy for cleaning all those unreachable crannies.

Check the video below to see more clever car life hacks:

The Windup

These car life hacks don’t require you be an expert or have technical knowledge. You just need the right tool or ingredient and know how and where to apply it. The problem will be gone in no time!

Hopefully these tips will be useful for you. Don’t forget to follow us to read more car tips in our next articles.