Why Is There No Plexiglass Car Windows? Find Out Here

Car manufacturing companies always try to proffer customers with high-end safety, world-class performance, and top-rate appearance. The well-being of a person remains the first priority of manufacturers. They constantly come up with a great idea to provide the overall safety of the people sitting inside. The first thing to perceive appropriate caring of a car is the windowpane. The manufacturers build the car windows with traditional glass sheet to make it sturdy. You might not witness plexiglass car windows in any of the cars these days. What can be the reason behind it?

Let us find out the reasons behind not using plexiglass in car windows

Why Is There No Plexiglass Car Windows? Find Out Here

Plexiglass is a form of plastic obtained from acrylic. The core form of this plastic is liquid but the professionals form it into strong and sturdy plastic sheets. It is highly durable and flexible but there are numerous cons of using it in car windows. Plexiglass is perfect in its own way and is ideal for utilizing it as a substitute for the glass. The cons are still there, making it unfit for a car window.

Let us go through some cons of using plexiglass instead of traditional glass

1. Toxic To The Highest Degree

The manufacturing process of Plexiglass removes around toxicity. A sheet of acrylic or plexiglass releases extremely toxic fumes when burnt. Even the manufacturers have to follow appropriate guidelines while creating these sheets. During the process of polymerization, the risk of blowing up the whole equipment is always there. This is one of the foremost reasons that professionals never make plexiglass car windows. Installing a plexiglass car window might cost less but still, the drawbacks are at hand. Let’s find more on it.

Reasons for not using Plexiglass Car Windows
Why we don’t use Plexiglass Car Windows (Photo Source: pixy)

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2. Bad Quality

It states that plexiglass sheets start to melt at 160 degrees C. You might have to park your car away from the high temperatures or flames. The direct contact of plexiglass windshield with flames might call some trouble and cost you to fortune. This particular glass type cannot bear up extreme temperatures. This makes it unfit for the car windows.

3. Prone to Scratches

The plexiglass car windows might have durability and flexibility features. But, these are extremely prone to scratches. The acrylic-based glass gets scratches with everyday use. One may have to install a thick transparent film on both sides of the glass to make it secure. Taking maintenance tips from professionals will assist greatly.

4. Non-Recyclable

One can never recycle the plexiglass and use it for further use. The toxic and chemicals make it unfit for recycling purposes as well. Cutting large pieces into smaller ones for reuse is an option. It is non-biodegradable and is unhealthy for the car windows.

Cons of using plexiglass car windows
Disadvantages of using plexiglass car windows (Photo Source: pxhere)

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In Summary

That’s all! These were some cons of installing plexiglass car windows in your cars. Ensure to go with the ideal ones and make your car driving experience momentous.