How Long To Replace Windshield

Windshield damage is the most dreadful thing on the highway. However, once occurred, you can’t afford to delay the repair of this one particular car component. Still, before giving away the car for maintenance, if you have certain doubts regarding time like how long to replace windshield?

Then, here’s what you should know:

How Long To Replace Windshield: Installation Procedure

There are several factors, which decide the windshield repair time. Therefore, to get an estimate of how long does the windshield repair or replacement takes, let’s explore the process and causes of it, one by one.

1. Old Windshield Removal

Old windshield needs to be removed
The old windshield needs to be removed

The initial step of the windshield removal requires two trained technicians. In fact, there’s one person on each side of the glass, who remove the windshield using knife or blade without damaging the welded metals.

Required Time: Depending upon the complexity of windshield detachment, the process can take around 45 to 60 minutes.

2. Urethane Removal

Urethane is the substance that holds the windshield to the pinch-weld. Using a razor knife for the removal of this polymer element from the vehicle, the professionals may require 30 minutes to remove it.

3. Pinch-Weld Cleaning

Cleaning brush and water are used to remove any dirt from the pinch-weld of the car. During this process, the trained car mechanics make sure to remove all the broken urethane and rust from the vehicle. So, here if you ask the technician- how long to replace windshield, well, the answer will be 30-60 minutes for rinsing the whole pinch-weld.

Look for how long to replace windshield
Expert advice on how long to replace windshield


Urethane Primer is essential to affix the windshield properly. Assisting in adhesion and rust prevention on the windshield, the task of applying primer on the car’s metal parts requires 30 minutes including the tapping of the areas.

5. Urethane Application

The approximate time required to apply urethane on the surface edge of the windshield area is 5-10 minutes. However, the process may need another 10 minutes for the drying of this substance.

6.Windshield Installation

Finally, at this stage, the proper alignment of the windshield from all the sides is essential. So, if you wish for a glitch-free windshield installation along with no glass contamination, then leave the car for another 24 hours; as, this would allow the urethane to dry completely and the windshield to affix firmly.

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Other Factors

People who lead a busy lifestyle may find it difficult to leave their car for a day or two at any nearby car station. Therefore, for them, getting the windshield repair done is the ideal solution. However, the time required for a repair process again depends on several factors like the complexity of repair, the amount of windshield damage, and the impact of temperature.

Ask trained expert how long to replace windshield
Factors how long to replace windshield

Therefore, before heading for the car maintenance, it’s crucial to ask the trained car technicians about- how long to replace windshield? In other words, what would be the expected time for the car windshield replacement?