How To Refill Windshield Wiper Fluid? The Process!

Windshield wiper fluid is also known as wiper fluid, or screen wash is a liquid that cleans the windshield while you are driving on the roads. The sole purpose is to keep the windshield clean for keeping the vision clear for safe driving. The pros might know how it works and how is it filled. But, newbies may have trouble in tracing it in their vehicles. They might even have trouble finding how to fill the tank to maintain the working of the windshield wiper. This may often lead them to think how to refill windshield wiper fluid so that they don’t turn on the empty windshield wiper, which if done may scrape the windshield.

If you too are a new driver and believe you must know more about filling the windshield wiper tank appropriately, then reading the following points and certain maintenance tips online will certainly help.

How To Refill Windshield Wiper Fluid? The Process

There is indeed a process, which can guide you in the right direction and fine out where to put windshield wiper fluid. Here’s how:

1. Locate The Windshield Water Tank

It stays under the hood of Bonnet. So, you will need to open it first to locate the windshield wiper tank and know how to refill windshield wiper fluid. Generally, it rests on the left side, but a few cars have it on both the sides as well. After you have located this tank, open its lid to fill the fluid in it.

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HOW TO REFILL WINDSHIELD WIPER FLUID: This Is What Professionals Do (Photo Source: outinglovers)

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2. Get Your Fluid Bottle

The second step is to get your bottle of fluid or water. This is how you will begin to find an answer for how to put windshield wiper fluid Watch out for those low and high fill lines designed on the reservoir to pour water accurately. Keep on pouring water or fluid into the tank until you see it coming to the full level line on the side. Keep a towel handy to wipe off spilled water.

3. Close The Lid

After you see the water coming up to the full level, it is the time to close the lid. Just take the lid and place it on the reservoir. Don’t forget to check if it is placed accurately on the tank to avoid any spills while driving. Close it and clean it with the soft towel again to ensure everything is clean inside the hood of your car.

4. Start Your Car To Test

When you have closed the bonnet, it is the right time to check if the windshield water tank that you have just filled is working or not. For testing, you will need to start your car and engage the washer fluid in working. In most cases, the windshield water fluids will work normally. Now you can again clean the windshield when driving and get a clearer view of the streets for the safer driving experience. You can even replace windshield wiper fluid with water to refill the tank.

HOW TO REFILL WINDSHIELD WIPER FLUID: The Samurai Way (Photo Source: gridoto)

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Summing Up

Hopefully, all new drivers and even those who are thinking to buy a car should have known how to refill windshield wiper fluid by now. So, why not try today to ensure that your windshield wiper tank is always full, and you are cleaning it every time you drive to get a clearer view of the roads.