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Top 6 Causes of Engine Vibration

Shaking in a rocking chair can be very relaxing but having the same experience when you are driving a car is alarming. A vibrating vehicle is not good news. However, the truth is even your newly purchased auto can show these signs. There are many causes of engine vibration. Check out the six of them.

Top 6 Causes of Engine Vibration

Experiencing vibration while driving is not only annoying but it can cause serious accidents too. If you detect any such problem, you should diagnose for finding out the cause and take it to a repair shop. Here are the six most commonly occurred reasons for the vibration of an engine:

Imbalanced Wheels

It is a common but dangerous problem because misaligned wheels can cause dangerous driving conditions. So, if your car shakes or vibrates, check the wheels or take it to an automobile shop for a diagnosis.

Wheel bearings can be the culprits too. Although they are likely to last for the lifetime of the car, you need to replace them in case if the vehicle is extensively used.

causes of engine vibration

Problems in Tires

Similarly, misaligned tires can also cause the shaking problem. Check them for alignment issues. If one of them is imbalanced, it can affect the others and prevent the car from driving straight. Separated treads from the tires can also cause the same problem.

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Brake Issues

The brake caliper or rotors are to blame if the vibration intensifies while using the brakes. Caliper sticking is easy to identify because you will get a burning smell when stop driving. On the other hand, warped rotors prevent the brakes from working in full pressure, causing the vibrations. You should take your vehicle to an expert mechanic if the problem is with the brakes.

Issues with the Engine

Loose engine mount will allow the motor to move around under the hood and cause a significant amount of shaking in the process. Most of the cars have four mounts, and some have more than that. However, you’ll feel the vibration while driving if just one of them is loose.

causes of engine vibration

Worn Ends of Tie Rods

These are the parts that establish a connection between the wheels and the steering. They help to keep the wheels in the same direction. When their ends start to wear out, they struggle to keep the wheels in line, causing shaking and vibration.

Low Transmission Fluid

It’s one of the most familiar causes of engine vibration. If the level of transmission fluid runs low, your car will shake upon acceleration. It needs immediate attention because the shake it creates is quite intense.

There are more causes of engine vibration. The problem can arise for a bent axle, spark plugs, worn ball joints, loose hoses, and many other reasons. You should be careful and take the car to a service center if it shows any vibration while driving.

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