When to Change Transmission Filter of Your Vehicle?

Every part plays a major role in keeping up with the engine and moving the vehicle. Transmission is one of these parts; it stays on the rear portion of the engine and provides power from the engine to the wheels. The transmission filter is a part of this component that filters all dust and debris, and also catches excess fluid from going in. When the filter stops functioning or goes bad, it impacts the fluid and the overall vehicle. That is where the need to change the transmission filter arises. But people often have no idea when to change transmission filter. So we suggest that you keep reading further and get your answer.

When to Change Transmission Filter: How Often?

Over time, the transmission filter wears off as the metals wear too and other dust and grime accumulate. This means your vehicle needs timely maintenance, especially for the transmission filter. You can also have the filter checked whenever you take your car to the professional for the replacement of other parts.

There is no hard and fast rule on when to change transmission filter, but as a general idea, you should get it replaced after every 25,000 miles. The same rule applies to the fluid as well, so it is possible that when you change the fluid, you put your attention to the transmission filter as well.

When to change transmission filter
Transmission filter keeps dust and debris away. Source: Tesla

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What If I want to Do it Myself? 

If you want to do it yourself then you would need to purchase the entire transmission filter replacement kit. There are some hard to reach areas, and only a whole kit can help you with that. If you don’t want to take much hassle, you should always go for a professional.

Those who don’t have any experience with changing the fluid or the filter should definitely opt for a professional.

If you have an automatic transmission, you may become dubious about how to change the filter in this case. Well, as the simplest answer, there is really no filter in case of an automatic transmission. All you have to do is getting the gearbox serviced, and that is it.

Automatic transmissions are all about hydraulics, and that is not an oil. When there is no oil, there is no filter, and hence there is no need to replace the oil filter. Keep reading Maintenance Tips and never worry about having an issue unresolved.

When to change transmission filter
Filter should be changed after every 25000 miles. Source: TheThings


So, before you get stressed enough about when to change transmission filter, make sure you are not running on an automatic transmission. If you are, then take your car to the professional and get the gearbox serviced. But if your car does have the oil filter, then calculate how many miles you have driven, and decide accordingly.

Recognizing the symptoms always helps to determine if there is a problem with the filter or not. So if you notice a rattling noise, oil leakage, difficulty during a gear change, or burning smell, you may need to check your transmission, oil, or the filter for good.